Jessica Alba’s Five Workout Must-Haves

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba tells us about her workout musts. The mother-of-two is known for her incredible figure, healthy attitude, in addition to her massively successful and socially responsible brand: The Honest Company—worth a reported $1 billion (yes, our jaws dropped too).

She complements her nutritious diet with regular sessions in the gym, here’s what makes a difference to her.


Jessica Alba


It’s not a Workout unless…

“I really have to sweat, otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve done anything!” she admitted to the German edition of Shape magazine.


Exercise is less lonely if …

“If I only have 30 minutes, I’ll do a fast programme consisting of burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, planks and sun salutations. But I don’t want to lie: training can be really annoying. That’s why I love group exercise, where I’m surrounded by people who motivate me.”


Her Favorite Classes…

The 34-year-old likes a variety of classes, but one of her favourites is Bikram yoga. In the sessions, the room is 40 degrees Celsius and Jessica uses weights for strength.”It’s a mixture of hot yoga and weight training,” she explained. “I also love spinning.


Jessica Alba


A Must Have at the Gym…

but I have to have really good music – for example 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Jay Z and Beyoncé [Knowles].”


Her Favorite Healthy Snacks…

When it comes to healthy snacks to keep her energised, Jessica relies on smoothies. She enjoys the fruit and vegetable blitzes because they give her power for the morning but don’t leave her feeling too full before a workout.

Her secret recipe? Protein powder, matcha tea, a banana, coconut water and ice.


Jessica Alba