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Kim Kardashian West Launches A Shapewear Solutions Line Called Kimono!

kim kardashian kimono

Kim Kardashian West finally revealed her new project the one she was keeping under wraps…literally and figuratively! The Kimono Solutionwear is a line of inclusive shapewear offering solutions that actually work, according to Kardashian. The beauty mogul and lawyer wannabe announced her campaign via her Instagram page and many think that she’s following in the footsteps of Rihanna who was the first to push for inclusivity in her Savage x Fenty line.

Kardashian West seems to be quite passionate about this project and she explains that “I would always cut up my shapewear to make my own styles, and there have also been so many times I couldn’t find a shapewear color that blended with my skin tone, so we needed a solution for all of this.” The image below, explains Kardashian, is a solution short which she has developed for all those times she wanted to wear a dress or skirt with a slit but still needed to have some form of support! Quite genius I must admit!


kim kardashian kimono


The line will be available in sizes XXS to 4XL and it will come in nine shades making it as inclusive and diverse as can be. The official launch date is yet to be announced but Kardashian West did stir up a lot of excitement no doubt. And this has always been the case with this controversial clan, whose bodies, projects and personal lives are the subject of countless discussions and arguments. Nonetheless, we are certain that, just like all her previous projects, this one will launch with aplomb!