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Gwenyth Paltrow’s latest project: a docu-series on her lifestyle and wellness company Goop, just launched on Netflix today. The show chronicles a diverse range of topics including energy healing, energy exorcisms, cold water therapy, dietary anti-aging, psychic mediums, psychedelic drugs, female sexuality and general sexual wellness.


The Goop Lab


It seems Paltrow and her team have learnt from their past mistakes regarding criticisms and penalties for making unsubstantiated health claims and its pseudoscientific approach, by adding a disclaimer at the start of each episode reading “The following series is designed to entertain and inform — not provide medical advice.”


The Goop Lab


Goop, valued at a quarter of a billion dollars, faced major setbacks in 2018 where the company was sued for the false advertising around their $66 Jade and Rose Quartz vaginal yoni eggs, which they held could regulate menstrual cycles, prevent uterine prolapse and alleviate depression, amongst other claims. They later modified their marketing tactics and continued to sell the product. The company has also faced serious backlash for advocating vaginal steaming, which left one fellow ‘Goop trooper’ with second-degree burns after trying it for herself at home.

The six 30-minute long episodes feature Paltrow and her Chief Content Officer at Goop, Elise Loehnen, interviewing a variety of healing experts, whilst members of the Goop team are appointed to various ‘medical’ experiments.

Several skeptics have shared their intentions of ‘hate-watching’ the show only to find themselves mildly intrigued, whilst other vocal critics have dismissed the series as a claptrap “selling quackery under the guise of female ‘empowerment’ ” and “an infomercial for Paltrow’s pseudoscience business”. Lucy Mangan from The Guardian reports “There is an adamantine refusal to accept that sorrow and anxiety are attendant upon life all the way through, and a demented commitment to expunging every negative moment from it, whether by vegan eating, cold plunges, the cleansing of energy fields, psychic intervention or any other pseudoscientific activity that can be monetised for people whose gullibility marches in lockstep with their wealth” and deeming it “awash with thin blonde women, pastels and vocal fry.” Lets just say she’s not wrong!

So, what is your take on the ‘Paltrovian bubble’? Have you been Gooped?