Little Fires Everywhere || The Next ‘Big Little Lies’

Little Fires Everywhere

Have you really looked at yourself? The parts you’re afraid to look at?’….


We’re giving you a not-very-subtle idea of what March 2020 will be all about; Celeste Ng’s ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ has finally made it to the big screen.. A total of 13 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list had Ng’s novel manifest into an eight-episode limited series, starring and produced by Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington.

It follows the story of two families from Shaker Heights, Ohio: the Richardsons and the Warrens.

Ng gave the adaptation her stamp of approval. After a visit to the writer’s room, she tweeted,


I cannot tell y’all details yet but you are going to love this adaptation. The writers are amazing and they’re doing such a fantastic job. True to the characters and themes and plot, but with lots of new layers and some tweaks and twists. I cannot WAIT for you to see it.”


The Cast

Reese Witherspoon will play Elena Richardson and Kerry Washington will assume the role of Mia Warren, who becomes a tenant of Elena. Joshua Jackson will play Witherspoon’s lawyer husband, Bill. The rest of the cast includes Rosemarie DeWitt (Linda McCullough), Jade Pettyjohn (Lexie Richardson), Jordan Elsass (Trip Richardson), Gavin Lewis (Moody Richardson), Megan Stott (Izzy Richardson), Lexi Underwood (Pearl Warren), Huang Lu (Bebe), and Jesse Williams (Joe Ryan).


Little Fires Everywhere


The show will air on Hulu, release date said to be March 18, 2020. It’s expected to run for one season..