Victoria Beckham Stuns At amfAR In Hong Kong

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham



amfAR Charity Benefit In Hong Kong



March 19th, ’16



Victoria Does Victoria


Victoria Beckham


The fashion designer and mother of 4 was a special guest of honor at the afAR charity event, in recognition of her charity work.


Victoria Beckham


Choosing a dress from her Fall ’16/’17 collection, Victoria Beckham was a woman on top of her game. Everything perfectly in order from her brown shiny locks, to her svelte figure and pumped up arms. Beckham exuded a sense of control and calm which is perhaps expected of a mother four and head of a fashion empire. Having opened her latest boutique doors in the Chinese city only days earlier. Signaling the further expansion of her label.


Victoria Beckham


Her dress a tweed bustier style dress with A-line skirt, a more demure version of the runway style. As always, there was nothing overshadowing her dress with jewelry to a bare minimum and basic pumps.

Everything was ‘as always’, which brings us to ask, ‘what would happen if Victoria Beckham let loose little?’ If she didn’t stand and dress in exactly the same way, even if it looked a little less perfect. There is a delicate, sweet woman under the superwoman costume, and we are keen to meet her!