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Kylie Jenner Deletes Stormi’s Instagram Pics After Receiving Threats!!

Kylie Jenner

The price of fame is quite high!! Apparently Kylie Jenner had to increase security around herself and her daughter and she deleted all her daughter’s pictures from Instagram after the Kardashians received kidnapping threats.

Kylie’s baby girl Stormi is four-months old now and if the only picture that came out is anything to judge by then this is one of the cutest babies we have seen. But it seems not everyone shares our sentiment; there are many hateful comments on social media calling out insults and calling Stormi ugly. This is quite upsetting for Kylie obviously and what’s even more upsetting is that others are blaming Kylie for bringing this on herself by putting her baby in the limelight so much.


Kylie Jenner


It is no surprise that Kylie has stepped up her security and the only photos she shares on social media are ones that don’t show her daughter’s face. Kylie has been quoted to say back in 2015 that if she ever has a kid she would probably quit social media and live a simpler life away from it all…..wonder if she’ll ever be able to do that or if it’s time….