Stella McCartney’s New London Store Will Bring You One Step Closer To Nature

Stella McCartney

Following her declaration of independence from longtime partner Kering, Stella McCartney will open 23 Old Bond Street, a 7,500-square-foot store in the former Joseph space which will carry all of the designer’s collections, including men’s wear, kids’ clothing, lingerie and the Adidas collection.. Designed by Stella herself with the help of her dedicated team, the store brings humility and authenticity to life, coming a step closer to nature, the space mixes up rocks and foam, silicone and moss, faux fur the shade of bubblegum and wood recovered from the Venetian lagoon. Stella invites all her fans to indulge in an exceptional Zen experience that brings all that nature offers indoors..


The whole idea is that you’re coming a step closer to nature by being here. We’re trying to clean up the planet. That’s part of our promise as a fashion house, to be clean and create change,” she said.


If you happen to be in London anytime soon, check out Stella’s latest creation, and keep your eyes open to the magnificent details that will envelop and revive all your senses.. And because there’s so much to look out for, below we will mention few store features that you should not miss!


# Stella Rocks

You can see weight all around the store in the form of rocks from my kids, from my dad’s farm in Scotland, from around Britain,” she said,


referring to the dramatic rockery on the ground floor, which is currently surrounded by reclaimed moss from the Chelsea Flower Show and thyme from McCartney’s own garden.


# The “Sound Collage”

Audible on the big raw steel staircase that winds upward through the building, the sound collage features different types of music playing depending on where customers happen to be standing. A dash of Paul McCartney rhythm on the spiral staircase; lessons from Bob Roth, the designer’s meditation teacher, piped into a dressing room — and a metaphorical bear hug awaiting all customers.


Stella McCartney store


Meditation is infused with the design and merges organically with the conceptual space;


What I wanted to do was to bring people off the streets from the hustle and bustle of the city, and try and wrap my arms around them, hug them. I really want to have the experience of everything that we are at Stella McCartney, of bringing people in and having a relationship with the consumer, with a human. To have a moment of pause and reflection is the point of the experience.


# The “Stellavator”

The building’s elevator features fuzzy pink fake fur from a past collection, while the upstairs women’s wear area is covered with handmade papier-mâché recycled from her office paper waste.


# The Airlabs Technology

The shop, which replaces McCartney’s 15-year-old store on nearby Bruton Street, is also the first indoor commercial space in London to use Airlabs technology, a filtering process that removes 95 percent of pollutants and gasses from the air.


Everything from the minute you walk in should be sensual, so I want you to touch everything, I don’t want you to be afraid of anything, I don’t want anyone to come here and feel like they have to be allowed to be here. You don’t have to buy when you come here, you don’t have to be interested in fashion. I don’t care who you are, what race or age or gender you are. You are welcome here and we embrace you,” said McCartney.


# The Interior Design

One of the dressing rooms has walls covered in the stitched handprints of the Stella McCartney staff, while a private space upstairs is adorned with clay sculptures made by staff. Other walls are covered in rippled concrete or just the pocked raw stuff that builders found when they pulled back the old shopfit.


Stella McCartney


#The Bridal Collection

She’s officially launching a bridal collection, although she’s been doing wedding dresses privately for customers for years. She is also offering a special “Made with Love” capsule collection based on the shoulder-less evening gown she made for the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding reception dinner.


# The Biodegradable Mannequins

I’m not trying to say that I’m doing this better than anyone or before anyone, or in a more heartfelt way. It’s just that it’s real, and I really mean it. I think I am one of the few women who has their name on a fashion house these days, who is alive and engaged. And why shouldn’t I mean it? Why shouldn’t I pour my blood, sweat, guts and hard-earned money into this store, and it be a total reflection of how I feel and think?” asked the designer.