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Oscars 2020 || 10 Highlights From The Big Night!

Oscars Highlights

The 92nd Academy Awards for me was all about Joaquin Phoenix and whether or not he would win. Don’t get me wrong; there was no doubt in my mind about that ….despite the fact that …ahem… I haven’t watched ‘The Joker’ yet! And even though ‘The Joker’ was expected to gather most of the awards, nobody saw ‘The Parasite’ coming. ‘The Parasite’ took home four Oscars including ‘Best Picture’. What exactly went down during the Oscars this year; here below are some of the most note-worthy highlights.


1 || Brad Pitt Finally Scoops An Oscar


Brad Pitt won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. His speech (his 45 second speech) was a charming telling of how he had packed his bags and headed to Hollywood as a gorgeous 20-something lad. He thanked Geena Davis and Ridley Scott for casting him in Thelma & Louise as his first role ever, and told Leo DiCaprio “I’d ride on your coattails any day, man”. We’re going to literally Imagine that.


2 || Eminem Singing Live

Oscars Highlights


Yup! Eminem sang “Lose Yourself” live onstage seventeen years too late. When the song first won an Oscars in 2003 Eminem wasn’t even there to perform it!! He did get a standing ovation though.


3 || Joaquin Phoenix


Not sure wether we should comment on the fact that Joaquin shared a lot of his thoughts on veganism and cow rights or should we just ignore that and enjoy the tender moment when he mentioned his late brother River Phoenix who died tragically young of an overdose.


4 || Renée Zellweger And Bradley Cooper Reunite

Oscars Highlights


Almost a decade ago the couple dated for nearly two years. 50-year-old Zellweger and 45-year-old Cooper were snapped as they were chatting during the evening. The couple were in a relationship beginning of 2009 when they co-starred in the movie Case 39.


5 || Going Host-Free


For the second year in a row the Oscars go host-free, however former emcees Chris Rock and Steve Martin filled up the gap with a series of jokes targeting the Academy’s lack of diversity, and it’s all-male nominees in the Best Director category.


6 || What’s So Special About Natalie Portman’s Embroidered Cape

Oscars Highlights


Natalie Portman’s choice of outfit for the Academy Awards literally turned heads. Portman’s black and gold Dior dress and cape featured the names of eight female directors and other creatives who weren’t nominated for the Oscars; including Greta Gerwig (Little Women), and Lulu Wang (The Farewell). The names were embroidered in gold thread all along the cape’s rim.


7 || First Female Orchestra Conductor

Oscars Highlights


Well we can’t say all is not well on the equality front. Despite the apparent absence of any female directors among the nominees but one has to give it to the Academy for hiring Eímear Noone as the first female orchestra conductor at the Academy Awards. Her hilariously intense facial expressions served as a much-needed shake-up during the show.


8 || Cats Cameo

Oscars Highlights


Considered among the worst moments of the night was James Corden and Rebel Wilson’s efforts at poking fun at themselves and ‘Cats’. But their efforts were aptly suited albeit quite ironic as they were presenting the award for Best Visual Effects. Licking and pawing at the mic didn’t do them any favours though.


9 || The Young Julia Butters Brought A Turkey Sandwich In Her Purse

Oscars Highlights


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star Julia Butters was hiding a turkey sandwich in her cute little pink purse, and we totally get it.


10||  Moms As Dates

Oscars Highlights

Oscars Highlights


Keanu Reeves and Laura Dern both brought their moms as their dates for the night, and that’s probably the most endearing thing.