Zoe Kravitz Stirs Quite A Storm With Nude Rolling Stone Cover Photo

‘Runs in the family’…

 That was Lenny Kravitz’ spot-on comment on his daughter Zoe’s most recent nude Instagram post that stirred quite a storm.. The photo was taken as part of a photoshoot Zoe did for Rolling Stone, baring a part of her derriere, Zoe posed the same way her mother, Lisa Bone, 2-months pregnant with Zoe, did 30 years ago. Pleased to have done it Zoe commented,


It’s less about the picture, and more about doing the thing my mom intended to do. That feels cool,” she said.


Referring to Lenny’s comment, the singer has also suffered a wardrobe malfunction a few years ago in Stockholm. During a live performance in Stockholm in 2015, when his “second-skin leather pants ripped right down the crotch”, the audience suddenly realized that Kravitz was going commando.


zoe kravitz rolling stone


Clearly, the Kravitz family might not be your typical one, comfortably posing sans clothing!


zoe kravitz rolling stone