Kendall Jenner’s Eight Beauty Secrets

Kendall Jenner’

She’s still a teenager and already Kendall Jenner has taken the fashion world by storm. She’s BFFs with everyone from Cara Delevingne to Karl Lagerfeld and has walked for luxury labels including Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Chanel. On Tuesday Nov 3th ’15 the brunette beauty turns 20 and will no doubt be celebrating in style. If you want a piece of her glitzy lifestyle, we show you what it takes to keep up with Kendall.


Kendall Jenner’


 1 || Smell Sweet

If you’ve ever wondered what Kendall smells like, we have the answer: vanilla. It’s the model’s favorite fragrance, which is lucky for fans, as it’s so easy to find. Look out for body creams and sprays with the subtle scent.


2 || Try A Tea Detox

Kendall doesn’t rely on caffeine to get her through a long day; instead she reaches for a mug of detox tea. With the model having around 12 cups a day, try switching your coffee for herbal teas like nettle or peppermint.


Kendall Jenner’


3 || Drink Lots Of Water

Kendall’s complexion is a particular area of envy and it doesn’t taken fancy lotions and potions to achieve. In fact, the model revealed her surprisingly simple beauty secret while promoting the H&M x Balmain collection: “Drinking lots of water and always washing my face before bed.” You should aim for a minimum of two litres, more on days when you’re working out. Taking your make-up off before bed is also non-negotiable if you want your skin to glow like Kendall’s.


4 || Get Enough Sleep

With a busy schedule like Kendall’s, it’s hard to imagine there’s much time left for sleep. But time and time again the catwalk queen has revealed she makes shut-eye her priority. Aim for a minimum of seven hours each night, ensuring your room isn’t too hot and it’s completely dark.


Kendall Jenner’


5 || Mix Up Your Workouts

When you’re a model, keeping fit and healthy is of utmost importance. That means hitting the gym on a regular basis, with Kendall revealing she likes to mix things up. “Some cardio, some muscle-building to tone myself up,” she told Vogue. “I’ll run to a gym and get on the treadmill; I (also) do a lot of ab work and planking.” It’s important to switch between weights, cardio and toning exercises if you want a well-rounded workout.


6 || Motivate Yourself With A Gym Playlist

Speaking of workouts, it’s important to keep your energy up at the gym. Kendall has previously revealed she likes to have tracks by her half-sister Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West pumping when she’s at the gym. Take the time to create a bespoke playlist, focusing on songs with a good beat.


Kendall Jenner’


7 || Make Time To De-Stress

Kendall’s top tip for relaxing after a long day is making the time for a hot bath. Add epsom salts and soak for 20 minutes – they help restore the body’s natural pH balance and can aid sleep (which we already know is important to Kendall!).


8 || Eat Healthily

Kendall knows there’s no point hitting the gym if you’re snacking on junk food in between. That’s why she eats apples whenever she’s hungry between meals and generally includes a lot of lean protein, fruit and vegetables in her diet. Her ultimate treat? Frozen Greek yoghurt.


Kendall Jenner’