Halle Berry’s 8 Secrets To Looking Amazing In Your 50’s

We look at some celebrities and think; “wow, they never get old!” It seems like they have stopped the time at a certain age. And one of these celebrities is Halle Berry the 54 years old that looks 35… Well, while she definitely gets extra attention skin and body wise, add to that the fact that she’s genetically blessed, still there are some great doable secrets that she does which make her looks so amazing in her 50’s… Let’s take a closer look at the star’s ageless skin secrets!


1 || She Believes Less Is More

When it comes to skincare, Halle Berry sticks to the basics. A basic routine that consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and last but not least sunscreen would give you unexpected results if you stick to it on a daily basis. “I use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, then eye cream. As a busy mother I don’t have a lot of time, so I usually just cleanse and moisturize twice a day and always wear sunscreen.” She said. Her trick is consistency!


2 || She Takes Her Bra To Bed

When asked about the secret behind her killer cleavage, the celebrity said: “My mother taught me when I was very young that if I don’t want my boobs to hit my knees by the time I’m 30, always wear a bra, even to bed.”  And even though there are a lot of opinions on this, Halle is still sticking to it cause she claims that she has seen great results. Besides, on her Instagram page she shared a post on which she advises women who want to keep their chest up to workout their chests on a regular basis; “For me, working out my chest muscles have been key to keeping the ta ta’s right.” wrote Berry.


3 || She Loves Face Masks

Masking is the star’s go to secret for a great looking skin. She even posted a selfie on Instagram wearing a mask with the caption, “When in doubt, face masks are EVERYTHING.” Berry swears by https://ciinmagazine.com/prairie-band-casino--resort/mask that she once posted on her stories with the caption, “and my personal favorite…” The LED face mask promises to boost collagen and help fight breakouts thanks to a combo of red and blue lights.


4 || Bone Broth For Collagen

When asked about her one secret for her breathtaking looking skin she replied with two words: “bone broth! You can make it, you can go to the butcher and get all the bones they’re going to throw away and he’ll give them to you for free. Take the bones, boil them up for 24 hours… and you drink the broth. It’s so full of collagen that it’s crazy.”


5 || No Smoking or Alcohol

The star believes that your lifestyle shows on your face. For that, she never smokes or indulges in alcohol or drugs. “I think a lot of how you look is about how you live. I’ve never smoked or indulged in alcohol or drugs. Those are things that show up on your face over the years,” she said. She still has wine sometimes but instead of traditional wine, she drinks Dry Farm Wines, which are natural, organic, and biodynamic without any added sugars or chemicals.


6 || She Is A Cardio Girl

If you have a glance at her Instagram page, you will know immediately that she’s a workout addict. While she does a lot of workouts, Berry focuses the most on cardio, cause she believes that Getting the blood running through your body is so good for your complexion; “I do believe that exercise is so related to healthy skin and how you not only feel but how you look. Cardio. Cardio. Cardio. Getting the blood running through your body is so good for your complexion,” she said.


7 || She Takes Care of Her Soul

Her mental health is as important as her physical health, this is why the actress makes sure to meditate on a daily basis to get rid of stress and negative energy. “When I’ve allowed this energy to house itself in my body, I’ve felt it affect everything from my mood to my blood sugar to my digestion,” Berry said.


8 || Her Diet

From a complete sugar addict to a “no sugar” person. The star has been diagnosed with diabetes in her 20’s and since then she has quit sugar once and for all. “The only time I eat sweets these days is on my kids’ birthdays and that’s for them, not me!” she said. “I’ll snack on low-sugar fruits like blackberries and raspberries, but that’s about it.” For white carbs, the star has ditched all rice (including brown), pasta, and bread.

Berry broke down her typical meal for Women’s Health, saying she likes bulletproof coffee; coffee with butter, MCT oil, and collagen at breakfast. She’ll have an electrolyte drink or a keno-friendly bar as a post-workout snack in the morning. At lunch, she likes “a simple soup loaded with different vegetables and a protein and topped with cheese.” And if that’s too light, she goes for a vegetable-packed salad topped with a protein like shrimp, chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. She keeps her dinners light, saying, “I often go for some grilled vegetables with a plant-based protein like chickpeas.