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Why Was Diana A Princess And Kate A Duchess??

iana A Princess And Kate A Duchess

If you’ve been wondering why Kate Middleton never took on the title of princess just like Princess Diana, well…. so have we! So we decided to do a little investigation to find out why…

We were shocked to find out that Princess Diana herself never did take on the title of Princess like we know it, she was just called that by the people.

By royal decree only the Monarch’s descendants are eligible for this title. Thus, Diana received the title “Princess of Wales” just as Kate is called “Duchess of Cambridge” and Meghan will most likely receive the title of “Duchess of Sussex”. It is also worth noting that these titles are bestowed by the Queen and they don’t automatically come by marriage into royalty.


iana A Princess And Kate A Duchess


When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles she received the significant title of “Her Royal Highness” which is basically what matters! The title “Princess of Wales” is just a title that is conferred to royalty and does not hold any authoritative power. Thus, the title “Princess” will not formally precede her name; it will be used only in the context of “Princess of Wales”. When their marriage ended in 1996 there was a dispute between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, as it seems the Queen wanted Diana to keep the title “Her Royal Highness” while Prince Charles insisted that she give it up! Which meant that she would have to curtsy to those who still hold the HRH title including her own children! BUT, she was allowed to keep the title “Princess of Wales” as an addendum to ‘Diana’! Makes sense?? Probably not so much but then again did you know that the title of Duke is higher than that of a Prince!!!

Delving into the intricacies of the British royal titles is some form of a science so we’ll leave it at that, but it should be worth mentioning that young Prince William promised to return to Diana her formal title when he becomes King…. sadly she will not live to see the day….


iana A Princess And Kate A Duchess