The $3 Product We All Need In Our Beauty Routine According To Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

New York socialite and entrepreneur Olivia Palermo knows a thing or two about beauty with her 3.8 Instagram followers! She recently shared her fundamental beauty rule with Allure magazine, saying:


There’s no excuse for not taking off your make-up…I don’t use a fancy product. I just wipe my face with Vaseline and a cotton pad every night before bed.




The $3 jar of Vaseline is easily accessible to us all, perhaps what is less accessible is her resolve. She is clearly a routine kind of girl, admitting that she barely deviates from her routines even if she has a red carpet event coming up. “I like things very tidy, including my bathroom. I always say, if your things are in chaos, then your life will feel chaotic. I can’t live like that.


I always do my hair and make-up for myself in the morning – it makes me feel good. Every day is a new day so I like to start with a fresh face, fresh hair, fresh everything.