The Venus Effect || Why We Look Our Best Once A Month

Venus Effect

In astrology, Venus is considered as the planet that helps us present a refined and more attractive side of our self to the external world. However, when interpreted from a beauty angle, ‘Venus Week’ has become a term related to why we look -and feel- great at specific times of the month..

Let’s dig deeper; are you familiar with those grouping of days where your skin appears to be at its best state? More glowing, vibrant and clear? Those days when you can’t help but admire the fact that your general wellbeing is finally in tune with your desires, you’re not only looking your best, you feel it too. That my friends, is what we call the ‘Venus Week’.


Venus Effect


Biologically speaking, this alignment occurs at the week leading to ovulation, meaning, our bodies are in perfect mode to merge with Mother Nature’s call to make a connection.. To better understand what’s happening throughout each month you need to know that hormones play havoc with skin, women have 3 hormones that keep fluctuating throughout each month, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, this monthly fluctuation will reveal what’s internal and deliver it to the external.. Why do these three hormones fluctuate? And what can we do to take charge of these variations?


Days 1-7: Menstruation; the ‘reset’ of the cycle

Cycle Day 1 is the first day of the period and the three major female hormones; oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are all low on this day. Skin is not at its peak at this time due to low oestrogen meaning less stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


Days 8-15: ‘The Venus Week’

Oestrogen and testosterone are gradually increasing to the perfect peak just prior to ovulation. This grouping of days we call ‘The Venus Week’, as the hormonal cocktail encourages many factors.. Boosting confidence, romance as well.. This oestrogen/ testosterone dynamic duo increases positive thinking and desire. Which is further enhanced by an increase in dopamine and endorphins to stimulate mood and energy. Metabolism is more efficient and skin is glowing. You will notice more even skin tone, refined skin texture, less visible pores, less acne, sagging or wrinkles.


Days 16-28: Progesterone dominance; the ‘Minerva’ phase

Just after ovulation, progesterone, the third hormone takes charge, that’s when our bodies are ready for conceiving.. oestrogen and testosterone take a dip meanwhile, to make room for progesterone’s job, simply, encouraging rest and eating, hence energy goes down and appetite goes up! The mood can be a little more inwardly directed, and as metabolism slows, the cravings can cause bloating, a tendency to gain weight, and breast tenderness.


Venus Effect


The question remains, how can we make use of the ‘Venus Effect’ and maximize that great glow that is naturally bound to happen?


# Embrace a bare-faced look..

Your skin should be at its best for appearance with a high retention of moisture. Use a regular or lightweight moisturizer during these days and embrace a bare-faced look. Your skin’s natural glow will be all you need to look your best.


# Go without makeup

Give your skin a break, simply opt for your natural glowing skin to be your ultimate canvas and subside from any sort of coverage as this is the time frame where you should exude the natural beauty in you.. It is also known to have natural blushing cheeks during Venus Week!