You Are One Treatment Away From Tighter Hands-Skin

Tighter Hands-Skin

Maintaining youthful hands-skin is one of the least parts of our body we usually give attention to regarding treatments. Why? We believe the face is the number one area of focus that can and will give us that 5-or-more-years-younger look. It’s time to change that frame of mind, and stop ignoring other areas like the neck, knees, elbows which truly reflect age..

Today we will focus on the hands, there are multiple treatments that rejuvenate collagen and elastin, without them, the hands become thin, crepey and less elastic. Photo-damage and the aging process itself causes the skin to become loose… However, there are solutions!


1 || Thermage:

Just like how skin tighteners address loose skin on the body, they can also be used to correct slack skin on the hands. By using a radio-frequency treatment like Thermage. Since each skin tightening treatment is different, the machine your doctor uses dictates how many treatments are required—in most cases, only one.



2 || Fillers And Fat:

If the problem is crepey, thin skin, volume lost can be restored with fillers or fat injections. Fillers add volume and can stimulate collagen growth over time to improve skin elasticity. When injected into the hands, fillers leave you with smoother, more youthful-looking hands.


Tighter Hands-Skin


3 || Hydrating Masks:

Hand masks can replenish dry and dehydrated hand skin. A decrease in skin cell turnover and the skin’s inability to retain moisture, lead to a loss of suppleness. Creams which contain emollients like shea butter and olive oil penetrate the surface and hydrate skin, breaking down thick, dry skin cells.


Tighter Hands-Skin


4 || Retinol:

A hand serum with retinol in it will substantially rejuvenate wrinkly hands. Direct sunlight is the biggest culprit, therefore applying sunscreen on your hands on a daily basis will countereffect UV light which causing skin to wrinkle.


Tighter Hands-Skin


5 || Brightening Agents:

Brightening creams are crucial to lighten discoloration. Dark spots caused by an overproduction of melanin in the skin can be combatted with lasers and BBL treatments. The pigmented cells are destroyed and then slough off through natural skin cell turnover.


Tighter Hands-Skin


6 || Copper-Infused Gloves:

People with annoyingly rough skin often resort to wearing copper-infused gloves to bed. Doing so will help promote collagen and elastin production for softer, smoother hands.


Tighter Hands-Skin