Phytic Acid || The Gentlest Of All Acids

Phytic Acid

Introducing the gentlest acid out there. Neither an AHA nor a BHA, phytic acid -pronounced faytek-  is an antioxidant.. When infused into skincare creams, it helps fend off skin-aging culprits and recently it has been added to many creams for its amazing benefits..


What Does Phytic Acid Offer Your Skin?

#1 it’s great for those with sensitive skin or those with rosacea.

#2 Its antioxidant properties fend off skin-aging free radicals.

#3 It gobbles up calcium, which is notoriously bad for the skin. Calcium converts your skin’s oil from a fluid to a wax, and it’s the thicker wax that builds up inside pores, leading to blackheads and stretching out pores so they appear larger. 

#4 Defends skin against sun damage while brightening hyperpigmentation. Its powers are even more beneficial when combined in a formula with glycolic acid. Where dead and damaged surface skin cells are removed. 

#5 Lightens pigmentation caused by melasma.


Phytic Acid


#6 Reduces acne.

#7 Produces healthier, younger-looking skin.

#8 Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

#9 Refines rough skin texture and correcst areas of uneven pigmentation for a smoother, more uniform complexion.

#10 Eliminates blackheads and shrinks pores.


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