Having These 3 Facial Features Will Guarantee You’ll Look Much, Much Younger

Facial Features

The way by which we visibly age usually narrows down to our genetic composition. How our skin and facial features age is inevitably dependent on what we’ve inherited from our mothers. Up till our 20’s we naturally enjoy all what youth has to offer, however, and when we reach to the 30’s and beyond phase of our lives, we start losing estrogen, and that’s when a few of us only maintain that youthful looking face, why? Again, because of their genetic programming..

However, rest assured that anyone who tells you genetics is everything, and that you don’t have much of a say in how your skin ages, is misinformed. While we are genetically programmed from birth to age a certain way (called intrinsic aging), genetics are now only thought to be responsible for 20-30 percent of aging. The other 70-80 percent of how you’ll visibly age depends on extrinsic aging, in other words, things you can do and control to enhance your original looks..

There are three facial features when existent can guarantee a younger appearance in general. Good news is, whether or not you have them, you can focus on enhancement methods if you’re yearning for that plump, full and younger appearance..


1 || A Naturally Full And Voluminous Face

Consider yourself lucky if part of your weight gain shows up on your face, this literally means more fat padding for your face, which comes in handy as we start losing it thanks to estrogen declining. This blessing is a result of genetics, however, plumpness is attainable in many ways worth mentioning. Maintaining an adequate fat intake, cosmetic dermal fillers and fat grafting are often perfect ways to help prevent the hollow sunken-in look.. Resulting in a rounder, fuller and young appearance.


Facial Features


Moreover, adding volume (naturally or through fillers) can make large pores, indented acne scars, lines, and wrinkles less noticeable. Any indent in the skin can be plumped out when there is something underneath that helps fill them out. This is why fillers are a treatment sometimes recommended for severe, indented acne scarring.


2 || A Strong, Firm Neckline

Ask any woman what her biggest fear when it comes to aging is and her answer will be the ‘turkey neck’. The neck appearance is essential to a youthful-looking face since this is often the first area to lose its tone and show signs of sagging. A key component in a facelift and certainly a neck lift is to tighten that skin back up.  A tighter, firmer neck = a younger look. How to maintain the flawless neck is actually not very hard, once you get used to slathering anything you apply on your face down to your neck and chest you will be doing yours a substantial favor. Think of all the hydrating moisturizers, the antioxidant  vitamin C or the magic of retinol creams you are depriving your neck upon neglecting it.. Make it a habit and consider you neck a crucial part of your beauty.


Facial Features


3 || High Cheekbones

We can never quit mentioning how having prominent cheekbones is pure bliss! Of the three features above, if you’re blessed with nice, high prominent cheekbones, you definitely hit the jackpot! Regardless of the skin sagging or losing plumpness, cheekbones are well, bones, they will not lose as much tone since they’re essentially hanging up and don’t drop as quickly. People pay a lot of money to have cheek implants put in since this is known to be the key to a young-looking face.


Facial Features


What else can I do to have a younger-looking appearance?

For this I will quote my favorite skin guru Renee Rouleau as she happens to put it in the best way ever!


This comes from your environment and lifestyle choices—both things that you can have some control over. This is great news because this confirms that how your care for your skin far outweighs your genetic predisposition. If you want to retain your youthful self from the inside out, you need to focus on what you can control. You can control what you eat, how much time you spend in the sun or daylight, whether or not you smoke, how diligent you are about your routine, and various other lifestyle factors.