How to Know How Toxic Your Beauty Products Are

There is a term that we shall swiftly add to our vocabulary: greenwashing.  This refers to the inaccuracy of ‘clean’ products and the vague use of terms such as pure, natural, eco, clean and nontoxic.

The truth is, toxic chemicals in the world of cosmetics are not as well regulated as we would like to believe.

Although the FDA has prohibited 11 ingredients from all beauty products, they don’t actually test the safety of the products before they are launched onto the market.  The FDA actually states,“companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products.” This really doesn’t bode well for us mere mortals, attempting to lead a cleaner, toxin-free lifestyle.




Well you’ve heard the bad news, here’s the good news…There are a number of applications created that act as watchdogs to the beauty industry.  The app ThinkDirty  has been hailed as the go-to source for accurate information, in addition to a score system that immediately identifies the toxicity of products.




We actually gave the app a try with a number of products available at CIIN and most of them were in their directory which is liberating.

They also have a list of verified brands which helps you find your next go-to clean product. Amongst these brands we found Burt’s Bees, Silk Therapeutics and Biossance.  It’s true the list isn’t terribly long, but we love the transparency.




Last but not least, Think Dirty leads viewers to a subscription style beauty box which provides subscribers with 8-10 handpicked luxury beauty products.  This is quite fabulous really, because you’ve got the try it to love it and commit to it.

Have you downloaded the Think Dirty app yet?