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The Koreans Have Come Up With Yet Another Trend || Honey Skin!

Honey Skin

If you’d like to add one more item to the long list of Korean-inspired skincare trends to try then let it be this, honey skin. Honey skin is more of a makeup trend rather than skincare, and it seems it’s the most popular of all nowadays. You may probably have heard of glass skin, but surprisingly honey skin is a much older term, just try searching it and see what pops up. Honey skin is all about the things we all want for our skin to be; healthy, plump, and baby-like, with emphasis on the ‘baby-like’ part. When you think of baby skin you think of plump skin that’s supple, pore-less, and with a honey-like radiance to it. So how can one achieve all that?? Follow the simple steps below for the easiest and the freshest summer look to date.


Honey Skin


1 ||  Start with humectants

You need to start your look with the right skincare ingredients, and in this case a dose of hydrating humectants is what you will need. Humectants are simply those plumping and hydrating ingredients that will keep your skin looking plump and supple by drawing moisture from the environment unto your skin; think hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Seal the humectants with a moisturiser, otherwise they can actually do the opposite and pull the moisture away from your skin.


Honey Skin
Josh Rosebrook Hydration Boost Concentrate


2 || Lighten up the base

You can skip the foundation and instead rely on a lightweight sunscreen that can double up as a primer such as my current favourite by SVR. You need a smooth base that still allows your natural skin to breathe and shine through. Can’t skip the foundation? Make sure to use a cream based product with active ingredients such as vitamin E; we still need the non-oily glow to shine through. If you have dry skin, you can get away by applying a trace of face oil on the high points of your face before your foundation to acquire the needed dewiness and sheen.


Honey Skin
SVR Sun Secure Blur SPF 50
Honey Skin
AJ Crimson Beauty Dual Skin Foundation


3 || Wear concealer strategically

You will need a dewy concealer and only place it where you really need it; the T-zone, under the eyes, around the nose or mouth area, and to cover up any acne marks or pigmentation.


Honey Skin
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up


4 || Skip the blush

Honey skin is all about achieving a polished skin tone so you can skip the blush altogether. If this is not an option for you, you can mix a tiny dot of liquid or cream blush with your moisturiser or sunscreen just to create that barely-there wash of color.


Honey Skin
ILIA Beauty Color Haze Multi-Purpose Pigment


5 || Glow and don’t shimmer

Though it’s important to accentuate the high points of your face but make sure not to use a highlighter with shimmer. Press a jelly balm, or a clear or tinted lip balm, unto the features you want to highlight and tap it in.


Honey Skin
Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick


6 || Don’t skip the face mist

This step is the most crucial one to achieving honey skin. To keep your skin looking hydrated all day, reach for a face mist instead of a powder. A face mist will absorb the excess oil, will balance the skin and keep it looking fresh and hydrated.


Honey Skin
Province Apothecary Invigorating & Balancing Toner