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Eyebrow Extensions || Perfectly Imperfect Brows

Eyebrow Extensions

We all know how crucial brows are, opening up the eyes, framing the face, and increasing symmetry. We’ve all also been the victims of last minute stress filled tweezing and a bad threading job, proving just how much eyebrows can make or break our look. In the pursuit of better brows, we often look to pencils, tints, gels, and powders. This sometimes makes it difficult to achieve the perfect balance between natural and shapely, especially when you don’t have the time, patience, or skill for it. If you relate to the struggle of achieving “on fleek” brows, you’ll love this new option!


Eyebrow Extensions


Brow extensions are the newest way to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams. They enhance your natural brows, adding depth and definition without appearing blotchy or fake. Subtle and natural, you won’t even feel like they aren’t your own! It creates a look that is perfectly imperfect, natural enough to enhance your beauty without sacrificing authenticity. Much like eyelash extensions, this technique is expected to be the next big beauty trend. Brow extensions have been around for the past year, but have only recently started to increase in popularity. What you need to know: The process is both simple and detail oriented.

First, a licensed aesthetician and brow expert assesses your natural brow to determine your ideal brow shape. Each process is tailored to the specific individual, catering to different face shapes and styles. They will then apply small synthetic hairs to either your skin or existing eyebrow hairs, using adhesive glue and tweezers. Hairs with varying sizes and thickness are placed in a pattern that ensures a natural final look. The process takes around an 90 minutes and costs about $150. The ultimate goal is a naturally thicker and shaped brow.


Eyebrow Extensions



The after-care process includes 24 hours of no water exposure as it can weaken the adhesive glue. But after that, you can pretty much go back to your normal beauty and skincare routine. However, it is recommended to avoid oil-based products, as they may break down the glue. The brow extensions last for around three weeks, and last longer when applied to your own existing brow hairs rather than the skin. The extensions fall out naturally, not all at once, allowing for a gradual descent back to your original brows. In between, you can go back for fills, which take a shorter amount of time than the original process.

Always dreamt of brows like Cara Delevingne’s? Look no further.