The Gradient Manicure Is Here To Stay


For the indecisive souls among us who short-circuit when deluged with extensive colour selections and swatches, fear no more as you can now literally choose them all. Celebrity fans of the craze include Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande.




With endless combinations to experiment with, from crazy clashes to subdued pastel palettes, there is a colour scheme for every mood and personality.


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Clashing colours are ‘a look’ in themselves, however it takes some colour theory literacy to ensure the final result looks good. A safe bet is to combine complementary colours (colours that oppose each other on the colour wheel, like purple and yellow, blue and orange etc.), or rather different tones of the same colour for a softer transitional look. Avoid mixing cool and warm colours of different vibrancies, but then again there really are no rules with this trend and some of the most unusual combinations can still be pulled off.

Nail pro Nadine Abramcyk told Refinery29 that “The key to a cohesive multicoloured manicure is to choose a range of shades in the same colour family. Paint each nail a different colour and you get a shade transition that feels purposefully mismatched.”

Maybe opt for a rainbow hued manicure with one hand wearing warm colours and the other an array of the cooler blues, greens and violets.



Another prominent trend is the minimalist regular or reverse French kind of nail, mostly-bare with coloured arching tips or bases.


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No prints are off the table either in the world of nail art:


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