Are You Soda streaming? || An At Home Optimal Skin Hydration Treatment

Soda streaming

I’ve been reading, a lot, about new beauty techniques, new ways of treating our skin with simple and available ingredients.. Our kitchens are widely resourceful, having incorporated turmeric and yogurt in two different facials, as well as cucumbers, oranges and tomatoes, the last discovery involved soda water.. Turns out it’s a new way to rev up your beauty routine! By washing your face with sparkling water, you’ll be following a hot beauty trend in Japan and Korea.. This effervescent beauty treatment is an invigorating experience that is like a super-charged and super-fast spa facial…! Bring it on!

Leaders in skincare, Asians have been always known for using wacky ingredients (Snail gel) and weird tools (nose lifting clips and face razors etc), however, effervescent beauty holds within a real science behind the latest K-Beauty export, they call it Soda Streaming, a free and effective beauty approach totally doable at home!

Swapping out H2O from the tap for seltzer water is carbonated water and has a lower pH (between pH3 and 4, which makes it slightly more acidic) than tap water (between pH6.5-8.5), it’s less likely to lead to dryness. Plus, it dilates the skin and widens blood vessels to create a smoother, brighter complexion.


Soda streaming


If you’re struggling with clogged and oily pores, your skin will be prone to breakouts, it will also look dull and your pores will look larger. By applying Sodastream, the bubbles will act like small micro-brushes, cleaning pores and removing dead skin cells for brighter, toned skin. The treatment delivers oxygen deeper into the skin barrier, increasing circulation, decreasing puffiness and giving you a glow.

Since there are no other ingredients besides water, it’s a natural experience that won’t leave any residue on your skin. Some beauty experts dab sparkling water on cotton pads and use it as a daily toner.

Your skin type plays a major role on how you should incorporate soda streaming .. To begin with, wash your face with your usual cleanser. Then follow the below steps according to your skin type!


1 || For Normal or Oily Skin

Fill a bowl with sparkling water from your SodaStream machine, and soak your face in it for no more than 10-20 seconds. Do this once a week for normal skin and up to three times a week for oily skin.


2 || For Sensitive or Dry Skin

Fill a bowl with an equal mixture of SodaStream sparkling water and still water, and then soak your face in it for no more than 10-20 seconds. Do this once a week.

If you commit to the above for a month, you’ll end up witnessing  brighter, fresher skin after just a month.

Another beautiful result of Soda-streaming is hydration! Your skin will feel plumper and more elastic. This means it’s less likely to crack and let in the outside grime that can cause irritations and blemishes.


Soda streaming


To make things more exciting, combining your soda water with these add-ons will bring you much closer to a spa-is experience!

  • Cucumber and rosemary
  • Raspberry and lemon
  • Strawberry and mint
  • Tarragon and lime
  • Blackberry and basil