Is Blowtox Something For You?


Ok, get your mind out of the gutter this article is about hair styling and botox…

It kind of reminds me of my mum’s reaction when I asked her to get a Brazilian blow out!  She said, ‘eib 3a Leiki!’ 😉

Many of us sweat from our head, which actually causes a lot of discomfort and often embarrassment.  If you are at the gym or outdoors for extended periods of time, your scalp starts to sweat, specifically the front area, right above the forehead.  In an instant your beautiful hairstyle is reduced to a wet, flat patch in the front, with a contrasting bush.  Not attractive.




Botox has been known to reduce sweating.  Botox injections have been given at the armpits for people that sweat profusely and the results have been good, hence the continuation of the practice for decades.  The same technique is now being applied to the hairline to stop the sweating from the scalp.

This procedure has no serious repercussions other than what is usually expected of botox.  Tightening of the area and possible headaches.  The only difference is the number of injection jabs to expect.  They are many… 1.5cm apart along the complete front part, which is considerably more painful than the normal botox procedure.

The result is a significantly reduced sweaty scalp, and a hair style that will last longer than you ever imagined. Contact your doctor today for a consultation.