Co-Washing || The hair Washing Method That’s Becoming Mainstream


Ever heard of co-washing? Well, we have and it’s taking its moment here at CIIN, co-washing (short for conditioner washing) is the act of cleaning your hair solely with conditioner, meaning no shampoos involved.. Initially embraced by African-American and thick, curly-haired women, this hair trend is becoming mainstream..

However, and just like anything else, there has been a lot of back and forth discussion on the true benefits, will saving on the shampoo cause build up? Will it affect hair follicles and cause fall-outs? Below are the pros and cons of ditching the ‘poo’ and giving it a co!




The Pros…


1 || Most shampoos contain sulfates

It’s like applying detergent on your scalp! Shampoos do clean hair thoroughly, but can actually strip natural oils and moisture from the strands of your hair, leaving them dry and more prone to breakage.


2 || Hair maintains natural moisture levels..

By cutting down on the use of shampoo via a co-washing regime, your hair is able to maintain its natural moisture levels, so it can grow healthier and more resilient.


3 || Works great with dry weather conditions..

During cold and dry weather conditions, co-washing can be a great way to replenish dry strands and get life back into hair.


4 || Helps with styling purposes..

It’s common that when styling squeaky-clean hair it can be limp and keen on slipping from the pins because of its fluffy state.. If you want to rock an intricate hairstyle, co-washing before may be the best cleansing option.




The Cons…


1|| Co-washing depends on hair texture..

Co-washing turns over the best results for women with thick, coarse, dry or curly hair. If your hair is already thin and fine, co-washing will not add texture to it, it will only appear flatter and more oily.


2 || Unless you work it gradually.. You won’t like the results..

It may take a few days for your scalp to adjust to a co-washing treatment and could feel oily at the start.


3 || Hair might feel heavy and look dull..

You might even feel that your hair smells musky compared to fresh and clean like you would achieve with shampooing.


4 || Hair follicles may not breathe at their best..

Clean hair allows follicles to breathe, which is required for healthy growth. So if you’re trying to grow out your hair, this may not be the best time for you to try this trend.


5 || Your regular conditioner might not be perfect for co-washing..

It’s important to use products specifically designed for this use to minimize the build-up. Always start light and go to a heavier formula if needed… It is also recommended to use an anti dandruff conditioner… Make sure it’s silicone free..




How To C0-Wash For Best Results

Once you’ve found a conditioner you’re happy with, it’s time to co. Wet hair, then take a small amount of conditioner and massage your entire scalp, using your fingertips to rub gently just like you do when shampooing. The conditioner coupled with the friction of your fingertips will loosen any dirt and residue on your scalp without stripping away naturally beneficial oils.

Next, take your regular amount of conditioner and condition as usual, carefully removing tangles with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, and spread the conditioner throughout the length of your hair. If your hair is particularly coarse or curly, you might want to try leaving the conditioner in, or just rinsing for a few seconds so your hair is still coated with a light film, rather than rinsing out completely—this is where you can experiment with what works best for your hair.