Dear Mom; I Grant You These 5 Beauty Tips!

نصائح تجميلية للأمهات

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and before you know it, it’s that time to think of the perfect gift, however, today we are going to tackle 5 beauty issues all moms face, (moms who are 50 years old and above). Things that make them ‘look’ like moms, the they-have-no-clue-that-certain-staple-looks-can-be-altered solutions.. Talk about dated hairstyles, wavier-than-the-ocean eyeliners and bleeding lipsticks.. You never know, these 5 tips below will act as long term saviors and get them out of the mom rut!


1 || The Wavier- Than- The- Ocean Eyeliner

The trick here, is providing our moms with the perfect eyeliner tool. Usually the brush liners are a hassle, and end up creased in their upper lid wrinkles with a horrible end result. Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ push up liner is the best as this matte black gel formula is waterproof and won’t smudge, budge or dry out for 24 hours. The innovative soft AccuFlex tip works is angles and hugs the lash-line from corner to corner…The closer the line, the bigger the eye!


Ocean Eyeliner


2 || The Shaky Hand Syndrome

Let’s face this, all our moms need a makeup mirror that magnifies from 2X all the way up to the gigantic 20x! Some of us may even wish for a 100X.. With the stronger magnification, there’s no way they will commit beauty crimes they always do. They will be able to see the details that we only see. Lighted mirrors will come in handy and minimize the makeup mishaps by narrowing the surface area our moms tend to ‘paint’ with their makeup..


Shaky Hand Syndrome


3 || Hollow-riffic Eyebrows

It’s time to give our moms an eyebrow evolution. To begin with, let’s not encourage them to go full force ‘Ursula’ with eyebrow tattooing, it usually results in very harsh and extra defined brows that are not in harmony with the rest of their face, with all the fine lines and less contoured features, having perfectly designed brows will not complement their look. Opting for eyebrow fillers that have soft shades and applicable with soft brushes will act as fillers and shapers. Divaderme’s Brow Extender II creates natural looking eyebrows while simultaneously treating the skin and hair with herbal extracts and natural moisturizers. Their semi-permanent tints are all naturally derived and can even cover gray hairs completely!


Hollow-riffic Eyebrows


4 || Bleeding Lipsticks

So far our moms have bought more lipsticks than we ever did.. However, at one point their lipstick fascination drops a bit as with age they tend to lose their God-given natural lip contour.. The loss of fullness and the increase in fine lines around the lip area causes their lipsticks to bleed. There are many ways to deal with this issue though, one tip to offer to your mom is using eye primers around the lip line that will smooth lines and act as a barrier to stop lipstick feathering into those pesky lines they all have. Another way to conquer bleeding lipstick is undergoing a soft lip contouring session that will add tint and definition to their lips making lipliner tracing much easier..


Bleeding Lipsticks


5 || Meanwhile, Update The Hairstyle!

The beauty’s mom jeans’ counterpart is mom hair! We are all familiar with the longer-in-the-back, shorter-in-the-front moms’ hairdo that usually comes with an added bonus, the blunt bangs and extra layering around the face. Little did our moms know that cutting their hair off due to their age is an absolute mistake! Having a mom bob will actually add unwanted years to their age and make them look older. Maintaining a haircut with minimal layering as possible will add a more youthful look and a fuller healthier head of hair to their overall appearance!


Update The Hairstyle