How Long Does It Take For Skincare Products To Really Show Results?

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How many times have you taken a long serious look at your fully stacked cosmetic shelfies, just to realize all the wasted products waiting to expire so that you can finally toss and move on? Don’t worry, I’ve been there before I learned a lesson, or two actually; consistency and patience.. Two precious and key approaches that will minimize your disappointment and maximize your skincare improvement level when committed..

Before I help you discover the time span each product takes in order to show tangible results, let’s discuss some important facts…

  • Dabbing spot treatment on a zit will not make it fully disappear overnight.
  • Retinol creams will not rid you of wrinkles after a few hours, days or even months.
  • Switching to a new product too soon is the worst approach you can take.
  • Consistency is the key in order to achieve improvement from a new skin routine.
  • Patience is the name of the game.
  • Only your skin’s natural cycle can determine how long it will take a certain product to show results. One or two cycles are crucial for product efficacy.

Having established the above, I will be sharing with you exactly how long you need to wait in order to witness skin transformation.. When will each product deliver its purpose?


1 || Cleanser

Instantly.. Cleansing dirt, oil and any buildup caused by environmental pollution as well as clogged pores works right away..  However, if you’re using a formula that’s meant to treat a specific skin concern on top of cleansing, the results might not be as immediate. If you’re using a cleanser for acne-prone skin, you should begin some sort of improvement within one to two weeks.


2 || Moisturizer 

One or two weeks. A good moisturizer applied the right way has the potential to fully deliver desired results.. However, and after waiting for a longer while you will be able to place your judgement on whether or not your skin stays consistently moisturized and if the product deserves to permanently stay in your routine or not..


3 || Acne And Blemishes Spot Treatments 

It’s variable.. A few spot treatments usually work pretty quick because of their potent nature. You might see an improvement overnight in many cases. However, banishing a pimple completely overnight is impossible. Over and above, some acne products will cause your skin to purge before it starts to get better, which brings us back to patience being key in this case..


Skincare Works


4 || Physical And Chemical Exfoliators

Two to three weeks. Renown to be the trickiest skincare ingredients, exfoliators like AHA’s and BHA’s can cause a purging phase in the beginning, eventually evening themselves out after about 2 months. If physical exfoliants are your go-to exfoliators, then in that case use initially before easing in chemical exfoliants with a once a week (or once every two weeks) treatment. If an exfoliant is right for you, you should start to see results with smoother skin and lessened hyperpigmentation after about 2-3 weeks. Continuous use is required to maintain results.


5 || Pigmentation Treatments

Two to three months. In order to witness a slight improvement, products aimed to wipe hyperpigmentation clean can take some time before those dark spots fade at all. The reason behind this is it takes at least one to two full skin turnover cycles to notice a significant difference. Keep in mind that it will get exponentially harder during summer months when the sun is working against you. SPF is crucial in this case..


6 || Retinol Products 

One month to kick in.. The holy grail of effective skincare has always and forever will be retinol.. This ingredient is known for being extremely effective at treating fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmention, and acne and can take four weeks to kick in. However, retinol’s unadmirable side effects calls for gradually introducing it to your routine.. In order to prevent the undesirable side effects like redness and dryness, it is highly recommended to start with a low concentration of retinol every other night until your skin builds strength, afterwards, your dermatologist might be able to prescribe a stronger percentage having established a consistent routine.. Tone and texture differences will start showing around four weeks into consistent use.