Skin Sinning || 10 Crimes You’re Committing

Skin Sinning

Once said and ever-since embraced was this quote I’ve read somewhere,

‘If you don’t take skincare seriously, you’ll look like a crocodile handbag by the time you’re 50.’

How guilty are we when it comes to caring the proper way for our skin?

How many times have we wholeheartedly taken our mothers’ advice seriously? Never? Well, the fact that moms’ advice should be taken sincerely is not because they happen to be the ideal versions for their skin/ age.. It’s because they value the opportunity lost as a result of ditching major skincare aspects when it was timely and crucial.. And when it’s almost too late regret transforms into preaching and this reality witnessed is even more convincig than the advice itself..

In an effort to not look like a crocodile handbag by the age of 50, I found it much easier to shed some light on what we should NOT be doing rather than discussing the ideal skincare regimen.. There are a lot of common mistakes we don’t even know we’re making. Once you’ve gone through the skin sins list below, you will have a clearer judgement on how authentic your skincare routine is.

Check below, are you guilty?


10 Skin Sins To Be Aware Of Before It’s Too Late…


1 || Extreme Skin Picking

Simply put, picking at your skin and blemishes can be very damaging. However, when taken to the extreme it can result in severe scabs all over their face. In some cases it can be considered a habit that transforms into an obsessive-compulsive disorder and professional help should be sought in order to prevent long-term skin damage. For skin pickers, pigment cells usually rise to the surface, the trauma and subsequent damage from messing with skin will start showing up in the form of discoloration.


Skin Sinning


2 || Nail-Filing The Face

I bet this term has never crossed your mind. However, it sadly lives.. People using a nail file to ‘file down’ problem areas actually exist. They even out acne bumps for a better skin texture.. In a way, sand paper is in fact a form of physical scrubbing, but clearly not the safer option out there..


Skin Sinning


3 || Smoking or Drinking Alcohol Right After A Facial

Skin sinning by smoking and/ or drinking alcohol immediately after a facial cancels out the benefits you’ve just reaped after the session.. To begin with drinking is extremely dehydrating to the skin. After a facial, you want the skin to take in all of the wonderful nourishing benefits, so not exposing it to instant dehydration is wise… Instead, grab a herbal drink or a bottle of lemon water and hydrate wisely..


Skin Sinning


4 || Post-Peel Sun Exposure

Exfoliated skin can be 45% more sensitive to the sun, increasing the risk of sunburn. After a facial that involves a chemical or a physical peel, dead skin cells are removed, allowing fresh, new “young” cells to surface. Caring for these new cells requires wearing daily sun protection and definitely avoiding sun exposure between the hours of 10am and 2pm when the sun is at its strongest.  Never fry your newly revealed skin cells..


Skin Sinning


5 || Layering Exfoliating Products

There’s no doubt that using exfoliants on a regular basis will improve many texture issues with the skin, but some people take it to the extreme. A sign of abusing chemical peels is facial reddening and inflammation. A look of a sunburn. Layering acid products by using both an acid toner followed by an acid serum or cream every single night is going to backfire your efforts of trying to do good for your skin. Ongoing state of trauma from overusing exfoliants is not healthy for the skin at all.


Skin Sinning


6 || Using Rubbing Alcohol As A Toner

Mainly used by those who have blemishes thinking that the drier they go the clearer skin they’ll get. BIG MISTAKE. Doing so will completely strip moisture from any and all healthy cells causing extreme dehydration. Skin cells are like fish and need water to live, and since the skin is constantly trying to repair itself and maintain a moist environment this creates major chaos.


Skin Sinning


7 || Using Lemon Juice And Baking Soda As Skincare

Using a cut lemon and baking soda on the face every morning and night as the only skin care approach is plain sinful. Lemon juice is extremely acidic with a pH of around 2. This causes severe damage to this moisture barrier, and can result in skin burns. Regardless of the fact that lemons are high in vitamin C. There’s a reason skincare products are carefully formulated in a lab!


Skin Sinning


8 || Licking Of Lips

Apart from being dehydrated, having dry lips is usually secondary to licking your lips often. While licking your lips is probably the only thing you can do from keeping your lips from looking dry, it actually does more harm than good! Your saliva is actually one of the reasons your lips are becoming drier, it has enzymes that chew up certain proteins on your lips making it dry. If you leave your lips dry and cracked, it can lead to possible infections and inflammation. Avoid licking your lips and apply a good hypoallergenic lip moisturizer or a lip balm regularly.


Skin Sinning


9|| Overlooking Moles

If you spot a new mole or one that looks like it has changed, make an effort to have it looked at by a dermatologist. Ignoring changes in size, color, texture, and shape could mean missing a smoldering skin cancer. It’s also important to have a dermatologist examine moles that start to constantly itch or begin bleeding on their own.


Skin Sinning


10 || Taking Hot Showers

As indulging and blissful as it may seem, showering with hot water for a long time is damaging to your skin. The temperature of hot water can strip skin of its natural oils and therefore dry it out. Not to mention the dehydrating effects..


Skin Sinning