The Beauty Editor’s 6 Eye Opening Tips

Gigi Hadid Eye Tips

It’s never a dull moment when it comes to beauty tips.. As evolving in nature beauty  can be, this deems necessary to keep an open eye on a few aspects while upgrading different approaches in addressing beauty in general. Below, 6 eye opening tips that I recently updated in my beauty menu..


1 || Vitamin C Serum

One of the misconceptions we usually have is the fact that we should steer away from incorporating vitamin C serums in our morning routines..Claiming that it is a very sensitive ingredient that causes the skin to react or get inflamed by sun rays..  Little did we know that applying this vital ingredient underneath our favored sunscreen actually maximizes the efficacy of our SPF. Proven and tested, I am here to tell you that my recent Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic I bought which includes ascorbic acid in its constituent has become the first thing that interacts with my skin early mornings! To know more click here.


Vitamin C Serum


2 || Probiotics

I just love the list of ‘firsts’ that I tend to do every morning. I personally feel they make all the difference. Every ‘first’ cream, drink, vitamin or food that we apply on a clean face or ingest into our system plays a major role in identifying our physical state in general. That’s why I always start my mornings with popping a probiotic pill. By doing so, I am preparing my digestive system for anything that might disrupt it  later. Supplementing your stomach and intestines with all the goodness that bacteria flora has to offer, kicks off your gut’s health and preps your system for any challenging foods to digest.. I avoid indigestion, bloating, constipation and last but not least cystic acne.. Probiotics come in different forms. To learn more click here..




3 || Vit C Pills In Liposomal Form

Vitamin C is the number one water-soluble vitamin required by the body. Given the fact that it’s not fat soluble, it cannot be stored in the body for extended periods of time.. Meaning, the extra vitamin C is removed by kidneys and flushed out of the body by urine.. So, we must absorb steady amounts of this vital vitamin on a daily basis to maintain optimum health. We need to increase the amounts of ‘stored’ vitamin C and by taking a ‘liposomal Vitamin C’. It is easily broken down and absorbed by the digestive system. Once absorbed, it can be released into the bloodstream and used by the cells when needed.. To know more click here.


Vitamin C Pills


4 || Eye Cream Application 

I learnt that eye cream application is an art that needs to be mastered.. Okay, it’s not that complicated! In fact it’s a great tip that will also make you consume less of the usually pricey product.. Be sure to apply eye cream to the orbital bone around the eyes. That area in between the under-eyes and above the cheeks. Usually, eye creams are formulated to treat that area..


Eye Cream


5 || Droopy Upper Eyelids  

Many ladies including myself complain about the sudden upper eye-lid drooping episode. Having never noticed that this area badly needed some TLC in the past, as I was applying my liquid liner a week ago it hit me that its no longer flat. Resulting in a crooked eyeliner finish. This compelled me to seek advice. You should too! Luckily, my eye cream was appropriate to treat the upper eye lid area with no risks.. Ask your dermatologist if yours fits the criteria.



6 || Clean Beauty || Making The Switch

The switch to clean beauty happens to be the last on my list of tips for a reason! We must make the switch ladies! As per my recent visit to the Clean Beauty Spa in Beirut, Lynn’s Apothecary, I have learnt a lot about the good we must do to our skin in general. Moreover, I was overwhelmed with the product brands that are not only natural and organic, but promise efficiency and deliver tangible results! To know more click here.


Clean Beauty


7 || Collagen Absorption Via creams

Collagen is an amino acid that is known for its large molecular nature. Meaning, it is quite hard for collagen in its original form to be absorbed when applied directly to the skin. Therefore, I have stopped buying collagen products that claim the delivery of collagen as the main ingredient. I used to apply vitamin C serum alongside other ingredients that have small molecules and are easily absorbed, those that will  trigger collagen synthesis once found in the deeper layer of the skin.  However, little did I know that when applying collagen in ‘nano’ form, it will be absorbed.. Look for marine collagen at the amino acid level which stimulates the formation of new collagen. With small endogenous peptides that act as cellular messengers, collagen absorption is guaranteed..


Collagen Creams