4 Fabulous Beauty And Well Being Essentials For The 40 And Above Woman

40 And Above Woman

As I sit here and now witnessing the countdown to my double 20 years birthday.. ehm, I figured out that for every silver hair there must be a silver lining.. Starting to absorb the beauty of growing wiser, that unknowingly matures by fulfilling the predictable pattern of every decade past. Gone are the days of endless wondering, questioning where I stand and deciding what exactly sparkles joy in my life.. I can confidently say that I am on the verge of getting the hang of this whole adult thing.

One saying really drew my attention. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said,


The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary.


As I was unintentionally gathering text, the upcoming commentary was simultaneously taking shape I guess. Therefore, and one of the major turning points of growing wiser must be involved in my pursuit of the healthiest and best case scenario skin status..

From a beauty and general well being perspective, that digs deeper than what tends to be exposed, there are many factors that have randomly united to create a substantial base of how to welcome the upcoming -not all sunshine and roses- decade..

Below, my humble take on my new life’s beauty resolutions, coming from self-love, and alongside my passion for sharing with all real beauty

-that-shines-from-within believers..


1 || It’s Time To Say ’No’…To Sunbathing

Up till last summer, my most essential summertime beauty product was the Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil… SPF? Nonexistent! I cannot deny that I donned the most envious tan all summer long, never developed freckles or pigmentation on my body, however, underneath all my 20’s and 30’s facial skin, the glorious hyper-pigmentation/ melasma combo were cooking like there’s no tomorrow! I can honestly say I started suffering from both just 2 years ago. The nasty pigmentation subsided during winter, but plagued during summer.. The simple act of sitting fully protected under the sun rays nowadays flares up my hyper-pigmentation, and right now I am suddenly taking extreme measures to no avail in erasing years and years of sunbathing trauma.


My tip to you? Get your fabulous tan, but from a bottle. Close one of the multitude of self tanners out there. Spend your days on the beach enjoying your book and refreshing cocktail!


40 And Above Woman


2 || Retinol Should Become Your BFF

Yes, your ‘beauty’ circle will definitely dwindle. Now that I am religiously using retinol the amount of face creams I used to randomly buy has shrunk big time.. Targeted creams are my biggest beauty investment now. I focus on ingredients more than abundance or brand names. Retinol, glycol acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, salicylic acid are becoming my new beautiful friends..


My tip to you? Be fully aware that you can also apply the above ingredients on your body skin as well. Especially retinol. Getting tighter-looking, glowing and smooth body skin should become your priority as well. As for eye creams, the ones with retinol already own their spot on my vanity. They do wonders!


40 And Above Woman


3 || Vitamin C Has Another Name Now- Liposomal

When it comes to vitamin C intake, my switch to Liposomal was the highlight of 2018. Vitamin C in Liposomal form deserves to win the beauty Oscar! This form allows every single teeny bit of vitamin C to be fully absorbed and stored in your body even when in excess. Rather than releasing the extra outside the body, you will have an ongoing source of this beautifying and crucial ingredient residing in your body..on call!


My tip to you? Take no less than 1500 mg of Liposomal vitamin C and make sure not to pair it with anything containing caffeine… Order your bottle today from CIIN’s e-shop.


40 And Above Woman


4 || Understand What You’re Made Of.. Physically Speaking!

I recently was examined for the Oligo Check. Also known as S/O check, it is an immediate and non-invasive nutritional assessment that does not involve a blood test. Oligo / Check assesses in a moment all the  minerals, vitamins, trace elements, oxidative stress and heavy metals existing in your body tissue. The bioavailability of all of the above provides you with a summary of what you are really made of, what landed in your body tissue rather than what moves around in your blood circulation. You will realize all the deficiencies and excesses that your tissues are beholding. For example, I got to know that I am deficient in a mineral called chromium, which explains my sugar cravings. Another thing that I am low in is the silicium, a.k.a. silicon, which means I need to increase my collagen intake. I got to know what forms of bodily detox suit me best , and the list goes on..


My tip for you? Stop randomly consuming supplements and look for this service provider!


40 And Above Woman