Body Combing || The Self Healing And Toning Trend

Body combing

As jade/ rose rollers and gua shas have become the gems of our  beauty routines, today we will further introduce the latest in gem healing / beautifying techniques; gua sha body combing. Similar in many ways to dry brushing, body combing transforms everything from your skin texture and body tone to your energy levels and immune system..  What does this method involve, how is is beneficial and how to perform body combing the right way..


What Is Body Combing?

A self-healing Chinese medicine treatment that works on both a physical and energetic level.. You might already be familiar with the  hand-held crystal gua sha tool, which aims to sculpt features and nourish skin by moving lymph and stimulating healthy blood circulation, body combing uses a crystal “comb” for pretty much the same purpose… BY shifting trapped lymph that causes water retention, you move trapped energy in the body’s energy lines, which helps to expel waste products, including fat.. The result would be buffing up dull skin and toning the body by moving sluggish lymph..

The depth you choose to apply your gua sha combing can determine the level of efficacy you achieve. Some even believe that the type of crystal you use will make a difference: a jade comb creates more balance in the body, while a rose quartz comb works more on energy.


Body combing


How To Body Comb?

As mentioned, both the physical and emotional blockages can be released with the simple act of daily body combing.. Whether you choose to do it in the shower or by applying your favorite body oil, four minutes in total is the ideal time required.. By following the energy flow of lines, work down the outside of each limb and then up the inside, doing about six strokes per area. It’s what’s called ‘dredging the meridians’, as, like a river bed, these energy channels silt up and need to be cleared of emotional and physical blockages.

Long sweeping strokes or short brisk ones is up to you, whatever  intuitively feels better for your body go ahead and adopt it. As for the belly area, working diagonally down over, use brisk strokes over any problem areas. You might notice your skin changing color to red, some don’t have that as a result, however it doesn’t mean it’s not working.

For an easy judgement, feeling good should be your goal, combing should be on the side of pleasure, not pain.


What Health Benefits Of Body Combing Will You Reap?

#Toning up both your body and the immune system.

# Rebalancing digestion and internal organs.

# Clearing any waste product, including fat.


Body combing


# Each body part targets an organ; the back of the arms is linked to the intestines, heart and lungs, while combing the stomach and front of the thighs works on the digestion, and the chest helps enhance heart and lung function and strengthen immunity.

# Stimulating circulation, de-puffing, smoothing fine lines, relaxing facial muscles and gently detoxifying your lymphatic system so the skin can heal and regenerate with ease.

# Reducing the appearance of cellulite, help keeps skin firm and smooth, and can even potentially aid in weight loss.