10 Hair Tips That Will Expedite Your Locks’ Growth

Hair Tips for Expedite Growth

Are you constantly coveting great hair? Healthy-looking thick and long shiny strands are every woman’s dream! Great hair is a sign of overall well-being, and it is not easy to achieve sometimes, different types of hair problems arise and before you know it issues like hair thinning, breakage, premature greying, dullness, split-ends and premature baldness might become your ultimate concern.. Below, CIIN offers you 10 fantastic tips that will guarantee to stimulate hair growth in no time!


1 || Start On A Clean Slate

Always keep the scalp and hair clean and free of damaging debris that might influence hair growth efficiency.. To begin with, use a mild shampoo every alternative day to keep clean.


Hair Tips - Clean Slate


2 || Check Your Zinc And Iron Levels

Two very essential minerals that when maintained at an optimal level will guarantee hair growth! Another topical way of enhancing hair growth would be by using organic coconut oil or castor oil hair masks, those will expedite the process..


Check Your Zinc And Iron Levels


3 || Stimulate By Combing Twice Daily

Did you know that hair re-growth is possible just by combing your hair? Start from the roots and continue up to the tips. Combing gives the scalp a generous massage, and helps improve blood circulation. Combing also aids to rejuvenate hair follicles.


Stimulate By Combing Twice Daily


4 || Say No To Heat!

It might lead to dull fizzy hair you can hardly repair. Be careful before applying a straightener. CIIN’s tip would be applying a gel or moisturizer before a hot iron, as it locks the moisture of the hair.


Say No To Heat


5 || Eat Your Way To Longer Hair

Consuming particular foods is healthy for the growth of hair. Choose foods that contain high amount of Biotin or vitamin B7. Some of such foods are egg yolks, halibuts, nuts, and lentils. Oysters, legumes, and shellfish contain rich amount of selenium and zinc, which are highly beneficial for hair growth. Salmon, avocado, and walnuts are affluent in omega 3 fatty acid, which also assist in keeping your hair healthy.


Eat Your Way To Longer Hair


6 || Trim Regularly – Ironically!

Keeping a consistent schedule for hair cuts is required to maintain a healthy appearance to your long strands, you don’t want to compromise quality for length do you?


 Trim Regularly - Ironically


7 || Less Is More!

Styling products are not always good for hair health. Always opt for natural and organic substitutes..


Hair Tips for Expedite Growth


8 || Pop Some Hair Pills

There is a multitude of hair growth pills out there, make sure to do your research before purchasing the best hair vitamin pills, we can recommend a few for you. Nutrafol, Viviscal, Biotin, Pantogar and Nourkrin are a few tried, tested and effective supplements that CIIN editors swear by! More importantly, you should know that consistency is key to success!


 Pop Some Hair Pills


9 || Consult A Dermatologist

Consult a dermatologist if you are unable to control hair loss or hair growth after trying all these solutions. A properly trained expert might help you with the right kind of medication for stimulating hair growth.


-Hair Tips for Expedite Growth


10 || Always Rinse Hair With Cold Water At The End Of Each Shower

This really does help to grow hair and keep long hair healthy for longer, cold water lays down the outer layer of hair more smoothly, which helps prevent moisture loss, snags and heat damage, you only need to do it for a few seconds, but this one extra step over time can make a huge difference.


Rinse Hair With Cold Water At The End Of Each Shower