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Rice Water Is J-Beauty’s Most Googled Ingredient!

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It could well be that this is THE missing ingredient from your skincare routine that will give you your dewy-ist skin ever! Rice water is a staple in Japanese and Korean beauty routines and if you want a complexion that is clean, smooth and with maximum hydration then you just have to incorporate rice water into your beauty routine. Interestingly, the Western world has only recently caught on to the amazing effects of rice water and the fact that it’s among the most Googled natural ingredients of 2018 says something. In addition to the fact that it is THE ingredient favoured by Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian and if these two aren’t among the glowy-ist complexions on earth then I suggest you stop reading now:) What more can we learn about rice water? 


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Why Use Rice Water?

Rice water is known for its soothing effect as it is packed with hydrating vitamins B and E, as well as antioxidants and amino acids.


Who Can Use Rice Water?

Anyone can use rice water but it is not recommended for use on irritated skin that has acne, eczema, or rosacea as it might exacerbate the problem.


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There are quite a number of products that are based on rice water or that have incorporated it into its products perhaps the most famous being Tatcha’s Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder which is favoured by Kimmy and Meghan Markle. 


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Rice Water DIY

Fortunately for us and quite funnily as well is the fact that making rice water is as easy as cooking your favourite kind of rice and using the leftover water. You can cook yourself a pot of white, brown, or jasmine rice and hold on to the leftover water to use as a second step of your cleansing routine after using an oil-based cleanser. You can apply directly to your skin using a soaked cotton ball or your fingertips. Massage in a circular motion and rinse with water afterwards. It is also believed that rice water is perfect for adding shine and lustre to dull hair. If the Japanese and the Korean complexions, in addition to Meghan Markle’s and Kim Kardashian’s are anything to judge by then we are so adding rice water to our skincare rituals!