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Marrouge Morocco

The world of beauty is vast, and at times confusing.  Although in actual fact, what we want is simple, healthy skin, that ages gracefully.  The commercial importance of the beauty industry is what causes all the confusion.  So many different factions vying for our attention.  There is the scientific approach, skincare brands that promise effective results but forget to mention the toxic toll of the products on our body and health.  Then there is the fashionable approach, with celebrities peddling products that they ‘swear by’ for a pretty penny.  Lastly there is the natural approach,  products that often times lack aesthetic sophistication, falling into the artisanal realm (not something we necessarily want from skincare). Often times also, the natural approach’s pledge of effectiveness often falls short, something Syndele and Drena the founders of Marrouge Morocco are painfully aware of.

This is really how Marrouge Morocco was born in 2018.  Two friends from different sides of the world; Syndele is originally from Marrakesh, and Drena is a native New Yorker.  Together the pair, who are both based in London dreamed up a beauty product line that would encompass both worlds of natural and effective, a marriage that is much more difficult than it sounds! (although we can all attest to the fact that a good marriage is indeed handwork). In our exclusive interview with the founders of Marrouge, Syndele and Drena talked passionately about the pure and powerful ingredients that Syndele’s Berber ancestors swore by.  The operative word being ‘pure’, the effectiveness of a product boiling down to how pure it actually is.


Marrouge Morocco


Two of the major pillars of Moroccan beauty are the native Argan oil and Prickly Pear seed oils.  These oils, when in their best form, are anti-oxidant powerhouses; rich in vitamins and emollients that nourish and protect, in addition to supporting aging skin.  The aim of Marrouge Morocco was to create an all-natural, luxurious, effective and affordable skincare line that could comfortably rival International brands.  The young line, which has taken more than 4 years to research, boasts the most exclusive sources of pure Argan and Prickly pear seed.  These oils in their purest forms is what the brand has built its reputation and promise on.

At Marrouge Morocco, you won’t find a brand cluttered with a medley of products, in fact there are only three, because the reality is, unlike what other brands my tell you, you don’t actually need more…. The Radiance facial oil, is an intense, light-weight yet powerful, vitamin-enriched prickly pear, rose and Argan face oil.  This ancient Moroccan beauty formula is rich in naturally-derived antioxidants proven to reverse the signs of aging and promote skin elasticity.  Likewise the body oil and wash, made of Moroccan rose, oud and Argan is deeply nourishing, and leaves the skin silky soft and radiant.


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Synele and Drena genuinely believe in a full-circle approach, if they are to receive these precious oils in their purest form, then need to also need to support the production effort, and give back to the community.  The Argan and prickly pear industry is made up of numerous cooperatives throughout specific regions of Morocco, these are invariably operated by women, and provide them with a consistent and reliable source of income.  Marrouge Morocco pledges to support these women,, thus paving the way for a new generation of emancipated, financially independent working women.  Marrouge products also give back to the environment by using the least harmful packaging materials which include glass and paper.


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Syndele and Drena’s dream of a natural product line, Marrouge Morocco has come to fruition with a cult following of satisfied and loyal customers from all corners of the world.  The Marrouge promise is perhaps as potent as the product itself, simply put; it promises to unearth the purest and most potent skincare ingredients, offer them to the world, and support the production process with a portion of their profits.  So really, the beauty world doesnt need to be so complicated after all.