The Little Blue Tin We’re In Love With All Over Again


We’re pretty sure there is a blue tin in your household that you have totally and completely taken for granted.  Nivea, made and pronounced in Germany as Niv-A-ah, arabized to Neev-ya..

Well, your grandmother or any other significant female family member will tell you about their love affair with Nivea.  From applying it as a face cream, to massaging it into calloused heels.  What they probably haven’t told you is that it is the most effective lip balm as well.

You may at first wince at this suggestion, instantly imagining greasy lips, but the fact is, it feels water-based on the lips not greasy at all.  Applying this magic cream ‘into’ your lips (give it a good massage inwards) will abolish all traces of chapped skin, in addition to adding a plumpness to your lips which is always welcome.

Perhaps the only issue with Nivea on your lips is the white color.  Although applying the cream onto your body leaves it translucent, the same is not of the lips, it actually comes on white, so it’s best to blot it, to avoid any issues.

Nivea’s compact package, fits handily into your handbag, and serves as an all-over moisturizer on the go.  Honestly, we don’t have the words to explain our discovery, only that, ‘it really works’.