What Will The ’New Normal’ In Beauty Look Like Post COVID19?

Beauty Look COVID19

Never in its wildest thoughts had humanity the slightest notion that what’s usually witnessed in movies-only would actually manifest in real life, our life at least, the now. We are societies facing a worldly crisis. We were never prepared for such a pandemic, an unprecedented event, which in turn lead to major alterations in habits we thought were unsurvivable. However, these new habits formed, and they will remain.

Due to the fact that the world is going through substantial transformation, new methods of working developed, new patterns of consumption, and in fact, new ways of interacting with fellow people. Regarding beauty, what was once an easy accessible service became a taboo in these times due to its physical nature. However, and against all odds, people still needed to “feel good”. At home self care and beauty regimens became more popular, manageable and eventually cheaper.

A ‘new normal’ is on the rise, slowly, yet surely.. As mentioned above, new habits have emerged, how will this see a change in the coming months, or maybe years? What have we reaped out of lockdown in terms of our appearance. How did all this time spent indoors affect the way we looked, the way we reacted? Was it positive or negative. Read along..


1 || We Are Becoming Less Diligent When It Comes To Skincare

Personally speaking, the past month I have noticed that my skin has upgraded to a better status, despite the fact that I was not that attentive to it regarding my usual multi-product-and-step routine. The reason is quite obvious, I listened to my skin, just like I often listen to my body. My real and urgent skin needs were taken care of, which lessened those unnecessary extra pampering techniques that I used to indulge in. This is quite a mighty message; the emergence of minimalism.. Will we be cautious consumers post COVID?


Beauty Look COVID19



2 || The Longest Break Our Hair Has Experienced Is An Evolution

The time is hair, and now! Since lockdown, women have been very relaxed about how their hair looks like. On the contrary, the rise of DIY hair masks went viral.. We are noticing that our hair dye -if existent- has stuck to its authentic shade, no dullness, no brassiness. This is obviously the result of both reduced sun exposure, less pollution and close-to-zero blow dryer heating damage.. The fact that the absence of  hairdos and harsh hair salon products has also affected the quality of our hair; we are witnessing less split ends, more shine and thicker locks.. Will we adopt the natural looking hair we were born with from now on?


3 || Our Skin Is In La La Land!

The other day, I stood aghast at the sight of my face through my vanity mirror – a spot in my bedroom much less visited nowadays – my complexion has turned much much lighter! After years and years of going back to soaking under that much needed sun during this time of the year, spring break was canceled, which meant, a major break for the skin. Add to that, the fact that I extended the use of retinol finally paid off. Bottom line, our skin resents the sun! Make use of this blissful phase and listen to your skin’s dire needs.. Will we avoid sun bathing as much as we’re avoiding touch nowadays?