How To See Off Split Ends For Good || 8 Fundamental Tips

Split Ends

Rule Of Thumb;

There is no treating split ends without initially cutting the hair, avoiding them comes after

How ideal would it be to have the best of both worlds right where it belongs? Having a good head-of-hair on your shoulders, with long, flawless and exquisite lengths… However, this is not a very common case with split ends getting in the way and ruining the flow of healthy hair growth..  Thanks to daily heat styling, the way we towel dry our hair after a shower, the products we choose to wash and tame our strands with and even what we sleep on at night, our locks tend to suffer a lot.. The weaker they become, more splitting will occur.. Fraying of the hair shaft becomes the norm. Add to that, not having the time or attention your hair needs in terms of chopping its ends on a monthly basis..

Below, we have a few tips on how to treat and eventually avoid split ends.. After all, don’t we all want hair worthy of shampoo ads?


1|| Air drying should be your first step..

Leaving your strands to dry up naturally up to 50-80%, and then using the hairdryer to create shape and smooth the cuticles will save your hair, as rough drying the hair involves using heat which can dry out strands and lead to splitting.


2 || Apply a good moisturizing cream if air drying to reduce frizz.

Keeping a heat protectant cream at reach and apply on damp hair from roots to ends. This step is a big leap towards healthy hair. We at CIIN love and carry the top product that has won the Allure Beauty Award for many years..


Split Ends
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3 ||  Blow-dry properly.

You should never touch the nozzle to the hair directly and actually position it just above the hair and brush.. This will avoid extreme drying hazards and bids farewell to hair frizziness..


4 || Brush your hair starting at the bottom and work your way up.

Using a wide-tooth comb that is. Otherwise, you’re just dragging the knots into one place. Split your hair into sections and taking your time. The hair is most flexible and vulnerable when wet so you don’t need to add pressure to it and brush vigorously.


5 || Be aware that excessive heat dissipates your natural keratin.

Cranking up the temperature of styling tools and straighteners will cause split ends.. Any hair tool over 180 degrees will de-keratinize the hair. Once this process happens, it’s impossible to replace the keratin.


Split Ends


6 || You cannot repair split ends, however, you can avoid them.

Begin by regularly visiting your hairdresser for small trims. This way you won’t compromise hair length. Organic and eco-friendly, toxins-free keratin treatments are another option. Those replaces keratin molecules where the keratin is missing to pack out the hair shaft. Once locked with heat, it will last for a good few months.


7 || No matter what you do NEVER pick at your split ends.

If you did, you could work out how much of the length actually needs to come off. If you split apart the hair, the point where it stops splitting is where the hair becomes strong again and is a good indication of where the weak hair ends and strong hair begins.


8 || Switch up your shampoo and conditioner.

Choosing a shampoo/ conditioner combo filled to bursting with moisturizing ingredients can help disguise split ends. They also work to strengthen and protect strands against other factors that contribute to them, such as coloring. CIIN loves Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair combo..


Split Ends
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Split Ends
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8 || Invest in a couple of silk pillow cases..

A beauty asleep deserves a luxurious silky soft pillow. it pays to be savvy. A silk pillowcase won’t cure split ends but it’s more of a luxury preventative measure. Tying your hair in a loose ponytail while you sleep is another option.. Why? When you toss and turn in the night, your hair cuticle is at risk of becoming roughened by any abrasive pillow cases and bed linen you sleep on.