Is Your Teeth Whitening System Not Working ? We’ll Tell You Why

teeth Whitening System

Everyone wants a great smile, you are more likely to come across as likable, just by flashing a white smile… No personality required! Teeth whitening is big business, which ultimately translates to consumers being cajoled into trying the latest teeth-whitening system.What these systems FAIL to mention is what kind of teeth will benefit from their whitening systems.

If you are one of those people that has tried endlessly to whiten her/his teeth to no avail… Here’s why!

First, a bit of biology… Our teeth are made up of an outer layer, the enamel and an inner layer (the dentine). The crux of it is where the discoloration has occurred…


teeth Whitening System


Most people have healthy enamel that has been merely stained by food, wine, coffee and even fruit (extrinsically). The whitening systems out there are focused on this cleaning method.Gently bleaching the enamel in order to remove the stains.

But what if the discoloration is from the inside of the tooth (intrinsically), the dentine? Then bleaching the enamel isn’t actually able to solve the problem.It’s like trying to clean your glasses because you can’t see clearly when the problem is actually with your eyes!

This intrinsic discoloration is the teeth can happen in a number of ways.Either that with age your enamel has worn away and the yellow dentine is showing through, therefore making your teeth yellow.Or that the dentine itself has become discolored due to some medications or simply hereditary.

If your teeth are discolored intrinsically, these teeth bleaching / whitening kits aren’t going to work…Give your dentist a call!