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Sea Silt

You read it here first!

Ever heard of sea silt? Neither had we, but we’re definitely intrigued..

Sea silt is all about sea life goodness.. One of the purest and most natural oxygen-rich products. Consists of purifying clay, trace elements, sulphur, salts, minerals and organic components. It’s extract yields  visible skin care results for all skin types after a very short period of use… Talk about efficiency and efficacy!

To our surprise, this new to the eye ingredient has been used by cosmetic companies known to using mineral-rich marine ingredients derived from our oceans in their products.. You probably and unknowingly might have a whole bathroom cabinet stuffed with sea salt body scrubs, seaweed mud masks, bath salts and sea salt hair sprays all containing this potent ingredient and still wondering why you love those products so much!

Sea silt started making its way into cult K-beauty brand Klavuu, Korea’s first marine pearl cosmetic brand that uses natural pearls and marine plant extracts into its products which users claim give them the most radiant and luminous complexions.

The reason behind all sea silt products flying off shelves like crazy is because its formula encourages regeneration on even the most sensitive skin, creating a thin veil of protection, locking in hydration and keeping out pollution, making skin look its absolute best ever.

Moreover, sea silt improves skin’s elasticity that activates the skin’s own protective functions.


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