8 Skin Sins You’re Making In The Shower

shower sins

To us beauty routines are expandable, more diverse and practical. Just when you thought that showering has the sole purpose of getting your body clean then think again, you’re this close to realizing that body skincare has its own customs, and you are able to achieve way better results by applying your products in an orderly manner. It’s not rocket science, it simply involves doing different steps at the optimum time for fantastic and softer skin..

Below, 6 mistakes we often do in the shower.


1 || Showering With Super Hot Water

Soaking your skin in hot water for a long time is a nightmare for your skin. It dries your skin out while simultaneously stripping it from all the natural oils, the result is dehydrated skin that feels dry and itchy; it can even lead to rashes. The drier your skin the easier it is for bacteria to penetrate the cracks in your skin causing inflammation too.


2 || Not Grabbing Your Face Masks Along

Experts say the best time to do your face mask is in the shower, when your pores are open due to the warmth of the water. This means that the hydrating and nourishing ingredients will easily penetrate to there targeted layers and efficiently deliver all their vitamins and minerals. Clay, mud, and charcoal masks follow cue, as they can extract more toxins from your open pores.


3 || Not Washing In The Right Order

We usually scrub our bodies while the conditioner soaks up our hair and simmers in the meantime, most likely this could be the reason you get pimples on your chest, body or back, as when you wash out the conditioner, it leaves a film on your skin that can block your pores. If that’s your case, then it is highly recommended using a shower gel that’s hypoallergenic, soap and paraben-free, one that moisturizes dry skin and is also amazing for getting rid of body acne. Another tip is to use your shower gel only in the places where your skin is oily, your lady parts (look for fragrance-free), underarms, and feet – unless you’ve been exercising and sweating excessively. Because your arms and legs have much less oil to spare, using soap here regularly can make your skin drier.


4 || Delaying Post-Shower Moisturizers

To begin with, operate smoothly when rubbing your skin dry, pat and never scrub roughly. Secondly, do not dry completely, applying your body moisturizer 3 to 5 minutes after showering on damp skin will trap any excess water on the surface of your skin without it evaporating. Moisturizer and body oils act as a barrier to lock in moisture, shea butter or cocoa butter are our favorite natural moisturizers especially during winter..


shower sins


5 || Shaving First Thing

Shaving on softer skin maximizes results. The key is to wait until the end of your shower, about ten minutes in, by this time, your hairs will have softened and your pores will have opened, making it much easier to get a closer, smoother shave.


6 || Using Expired Sponges And Loofahs

Be afraid of what your eyes cannot see.. Damp loofahs and sponges are nests that collect bacteria and mold due to the conditions they’re stored in, which can lead to rashes or dry patches. Toss your loofah every month and replace with a new one. After every single use ring it out as much as possible and allow it to dry completely before you next use it.


7 || Using a Non-pH Balanced Cleanser On Your Intimate Area

External genitalia requires specific products when cleansing. The vaginal microbiome is highly sensitive and non-balanced products can disrupt it by killing off good bacteria and disrupting the slightly acidic pH level. This leads to yeast infections, itchiness, burning, and odd smells.


8 || You Go Lather Crazy

Soaps that lather like crazy may have lots of detergents (such as sodium laurel sulfate), which can be irritating to the skin. Don’t worry, you can get just as clean with a less sudsy soap. And it’s not necessary to use a huge heaping mound of body wash either. Using too much product is not only tougher on your wallet, but it also leads to greater concentrations of soap on the skin, increasing the chance of irritation and dryness.. Same applies to shampoos as well, using too much soap will strip your hair from its natural oils..