Yes You Must Exfoliate Your Under-Eye Area || 5 Reasons Why!

Under Eye Area Exfoliation

How about you start putting your best skin forward? In other words, and by best skin, I refer to those newly-born budding skin cells, that reside under their dead and life-less counterparts. What nasty representatives of the true state your complexion.. ! The big reveal is long overdue, it’s time to surface up your greater assets..

They say it’s all in the eyes.. And to that I cannot agree more.. Coming from a skincare devotee that is my very own self, I am here today to advocate for the act of exfoliating your under-eye area. Yes, that extremely sensitive to-almost-everything area always overlooked. Exfoliants are usually extremely harsh elements, the idea of scrubbing the delicate area around the eyes is understandably unfathomable. However, I will be convincing you to start leaning forward into incorporating under-eye exfoliation into your routine, in order to achieve that smooth and radiant finish,  free from fine lines and wrinkles.. After all, don’t you want to efficiently make use of every buck you’ve spent on that rather expensive eye cream of yours?


Under Eye Area Exfoliation


Between squinting, tugging, sun damage and genetics, your resulting crow’s feet are desperately calling out for your attention. While using moisturizing creams, ‘de-puffing’ products, and concealers as ways to correct our eye area, it is crucial to know that the thinness of this area is in fact a great advantage. Why? Simply because it can soak up all anti-aging ingredients a lot quicker that any other area in your skin.  The key however, is exfoliation. By using specifically designed eye area scrubs targeted to shed dead cells residing on that fragile area, you will reap dramatic and immediate results from any treatment you opt for your eyes..

Below, 5 reasons why you should be exfoliating your eye area


1 || It Stimulates Cell Turnover

Performing under eye exfoliation renews and regenerates skin at an accelerated rate, resulting in a smoother, brighter eye area.


2 || It Targets Milia

Milia, small, hard, white bumps, often crop up on the skin under your eyes. These frustrating bumps are harmless, but can last for weeks, months and even years. Milia occur when dead skin and keratin become trapped under the skin’s surface, forming tiny cysts. Under eye exfoliation won’t just wake your eyes up; it will help eliminate stubborn milia as well!


3 || It Boosts Your Product Power

Spend your money where you can see it! On your eyes! The build up of dead cells around the eyes eventually renders any anti-aging eye product useless.. Rough and scaly skin blocks efficient absorption of product.  Active ingredients in the products you apply will later work harder in order to penetrate.


Under Eye Area Exfoliation


4 || It Eliminates Fine Lines

Let’s get physical now. If you let the dead skin cells build up, this not only blocks the absorption of other products, but it emphasizes and even worsens fine lines and crow’s feet. Exfoliating dry skin around eyes before applying a hydrating eye cream allows skin to absorb moisture more efficiently, plump skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


5 ||  It Is A Makeup Routine Essential

Ever wondered what the trick is to crease-free concealer? Properly exfoliating and moisturizing will create the perfect canvas for your concealer. With smoothed skin, free of excess dead skin cells, concealer will apply effortlessly and evenly to last all day. Who knows, you might not even need concealer with the right skin care routine!

To prevent overstimulation and irritation, the exfoliant you use around your eyes needs to be specifically formulated to be gentle, but effective. Meaning, you cannot and equally not allowed to use your go-to facial scrub around your eyes..

Surprisingly, there happens to be very limited number of options targeting under eye area exfoliation. However, any acid-free gentle facial scrub can be used on the eye area safely..

The Best Eye Area Exfoliant Formulas To Keep An Eye On!


Under Eye Area Exfoliation
Under Eye Area Exfoliation
Under Eye Area Exfoliation
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