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7 Hairstyles That Will Be Huge In 2019!


Do you think this time of year is worthy of a new chop? Some might wildly agree, giving themselves free reign to completely transform their looks come Christmas and the New Year’s. There is something that is just so cathartic about that chop and snip, and sometimes it is something as simple as a new hairdo to give you a much needed jumpstart on life…. So what are the trending hairstyles nowadays? And would these styles remain trendy into 2019? We’ve collected a few trends for you that are sure to make you feel like it’s New Year’s already!


1 || 80’s Chic

Hairstyles 2019 - 80’s Chic


Just with everything else that’s going 80’s retro, so are the hairstyles. Bigger, better, and fatter hair will be your best bet during the festive season. If you’re going to attempt to do this on your own, simply distribute blowout jelly onto your damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush. The old flip-your-head trick will also help. Other fabulous 80’s trends to follow could be the wide leather headband, or the asymmetrical pixie.


2 || 60’s Revival

Hairstyles 2019 - 60’s Revival


Another era to take inspiration from would be the 60’s. ‘Fembot’ hair or the old high-crown and Coke-can tuck, call it what you will but a new take on 60’s hair is definitely back for 2019. You can also try the lady-like blowout à la Jackie Kennedy, or you can do the crimp!


3 || The Meghan Markle


That’s right! There’s another Rachel in town…Meghan Markle’s loose wavy updo has become the go-to hairdo for just about any event, and can easily take you from day to night. With hair that is still damp, tease out your natural waves and bring them out as much as possible. Once the hair is really messy hairspray the roots, separate a bit of hair from your hairline away from the rest, and pull the rest of the hair back, twist and pin with hairpins. Curl the loose tendrils with a curling iron as a finishing touch, and you can tuck a few pieces behind your ears.


4 || Big Textured Hair



Keeping in line with everything 80’s, more and more women are embracing the natural texture of their hair and actually empowering themselves through it. Big hair is actually flattering on everyone.


5 || French- Girl Bangs


Have a thing for the French? Cut some eye-grazing low bangs and get your infatuation over with. Bangs have long since been out of fashion but celebrated hair stylists feel that it’s all going to change in 2019.


6 || Razor-Straight Lobs



Probably the most coveted hairstyle of 2018; the slick-straight lob is here to stay. Super straight and glossy with a middle part is the way to go.


7 || Long-In-Front Pixie


The short textured pixie has taken a new more feminine twist lately. Keep it longer and more textured in the front by using mousse.