To Wash Or Not To Wash || Face The Issue

Washing Face

Most probably you are one of the people who wake up with a calm imperfection-free face.. Well that is after a minimum of a good 8 hour of uninterrupted blessed sleep (if you’re lucky to have it).. Our faces tend to look plumper and tighter the minute we wake up, don’t they? For most, it might go without saying to you, waking up and heading to the sink to wash our faces is a step 90% of people we know do.. But come to think about it, why not enjoy that mantle of glowy goodness, meant to be preserved after waking and endure it?


Washing Face


The verdict is still in process. So we have two case scenarios for that matter.. To wash or not to wash!

During the night, your shut eye mode gives in to the natural process of skin regeneration and the natural process of repair and rejuvenation.. The whole body usually undergoes a state of detoxing and create that natural protective moisture barrier that we often try to replicate with moisturizer… Having thoroughly cleansed your face the night before, there is really no reason why you should do it all again in the morning! As doing so, you are stripping your skin off all the essential oils naturally produced by your body to protect and feed your skin.. Using harsh chemicals in cleansers and toners, will rip your skin off those blessed essential oils..

The question remains.. To many washing our faces with cold water is their only hope of properly waking up and refreshing! Okay we will not disagree, but play it smart! Ditch tap water, instead keep a bottle of thermal water spray next to your sink, generously spritz on your face, pat dry and then follow with your daily SPF fortified moisturizer, this will ensure locking in dampness to keep you hydrated and glowing. Whatever you do, don’t let tap water touch your face, it contains drying minerals like calcium, magnesium, and chlorine, which causes the skin’s moisture and natural oils to escape.

Avene Thermal Water is a tried and tested product that we at CIIN swear by, and not only for in-flight hydrating sessions, on the contrary, getting used to it as the only type of water that touches your skin will do wonders. Aside from refreshing my skin, this thermal water is the best way to prep skin for your morning routine. When French beauty gurus swear by it as well, we are left with no other option, really! Its ability to calm, restore, and soften the skin is amazing.. Especially for those with sensitive skin that gets easily irritated and blotchy.


Washing Face


Who should never skip the morning facial wash??

All that said, the whole skipping a cleanse in the morning might not be best for every skin type. Highly acne prone skin, or skin that has excessive oils can benefit from a good wash. If you have extremely oily or acne prone skin, cleansing in the morning with a gentle cleanser can help reduce oil. It can help kill bacteria.

So the final verdict is here! Always sleep with a clean make-up free and well moisturized face.. Always ensure your pillowcase is renewed on a daily basis, this will avoid any bacteria or dirtbuilding up on it and seeping into your skin at night! And finally use your thermal water in place of tap water! Trust us your skin will never look any better!