Orbit Nails || The Latest Manicure Trend That Is Dizzyingly Exciting!

Orbit Nails

If you can’t take another coat of Essie’s Barefoot and Topless, we feel ya! Enter orbit nails, a take on the French manicure that is reigniting our passion for beautiful nails. Debuted on Jeremy Scott’s catwalk this Fall at NYFW, the orbit nails keep things pretty neutral with a dash of excitement. The winter’s are beige enough without adding an extra coat on your nails.

To achieve this look, paint on a light shimmery pink shade. Then take a thin striper brush and outlined the edge in a shade of color that works for you. You can also do this look on a completely bare nail, it does however looks much better on round nails than square nails.

But if you’re looking at this right now and thinking, “Who do you think I am, Picasso?” We have a tip for you, there are stickers out there that can create the same effect for you.

A third option that we aren’t too convinced with is to paint your whole nail the dark shade then apply an opaque nude shade on top, avoiding the outer rim…easier said than done!


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