Are the Veins on Your Hands Popping Out ? Here’s Why!

Hands Veins

Some of us don’t have this issue at all, they may not even know what we mean, but if you are reading this you probably do. Those embarrassingly protruding veins primarily on your hands and possibly even your arms and your legs. Why now and how come ?

Ok, we shall break it to you gently, protruding veins are a sign of your wisdom, and your age we are afraid. As we grow up our veins lose their elasticity and the valves within them weaken. The blood stays in your veins for longer as a result of this, the blood pools enlarging the veins and making them bulge. Our skin also becomes thinner with age, making the veins more visible…

Exercise and heat will exacerbate the situation, causing blood flow to increase thus causing them to bulge further.


Hands Veins


Although there are a two procedures, one evasive one less so, both involve physically blocking the veins. Technically speaking this isn’t dangerous as the blood will simply flow elsewhere, but the thought of it is frightening. Alternatively, before a big night out, turn the AC on full blast and keep your hands pointing up (as in prayer), it reduces the blood rushing to your hands, thus reducing the sign of the veins for a short while. Just ask Cate Blanchett that tip’s from her…

Another more serious cause of bulging veins could be vascular disease, certainly worth checking with a medical professional also.