8 Blissful Uses Of Rose Water For A Wellness Treat At Home

Rose Water

Needless to say, the beauty of natural at-home ingredients is simply blissful, safe and effective.. Another ingredient we are currently obsessing with is pure rose water. As delicate and splendid as it sounds, rose water’s beauty benefits are countless. Besides their divine smell, rose water have been used for centuries for beauty purposes. Personally, I once asked an 80-year-old gorgeous lady to give me only one beauty tip that she has been adopting all her life, as she had skin as tight and clear as a teenager, she said that she applies rose water every single day!

Here are 10 rose water benefits you should know, including all of the ways to use it.


1 || Soothes Irritated Skin

People struggling with sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea or other irritations will surely reap rose water’s anti-inflammatory properties. It contains vitamins A and C which help hydrate and soften the skin while reducing any redness and removing the build-up of oil and dirt.


2 || The Perfect Toner

I used to buy my toner, now I replaced it with rose water. Rose water tightens pores, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and is very rich with and anti-aging properties. It’s a toner that has a neutral pH of 5.5 which moistures your skin instead of leaving it dry. 2. It improves your complexion


3 || Treats Mild Infections

It’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties work to heal cuts, scars or burns. In fact, daily use can help speed up the healing process and clean out any lingering infections.


4 || Rose Water For The Eyes

Not many are aware of the healing powers of rose water when it comes to eye problems, such as conjunctivitis, dry eye and cataracts. Apply it as an alternative to eye drops to alleviate any pain.


5 || A Natural Sleeping Aid

Adding some rosewater to your night tea, or spraying some on your pillows can help ease you into sleep and keep you that way. It is proven that it sends signals to the part of the brain that controls your mood and emotions. Basically your own mental alarm clock to notify you its time for some much-needed beauty sleep.


6 || Alleviates headaches And Reduces Stress

Rose water when used in aromatherapy has de-stressing effects and can help soothe any pesky headaches. Just soak a washcloth in rosewater, warm it in the microwave and press the towel to your head for 45 minutes.


7 || Aids in Digestion

Due to the high percentage of antioxidants in rose water, stomach pains and menstrual cramps as well as any discomfort such as constipation, bloating or acidity are relieved by drinking rose water with water or adding it to tea.


8 || De-Frizzes Hair And More

Rose water works to de-frizz and strengthens hair. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can also help treat scalp conditions (like eczema and psoriasis), get rid of dandruff and reduce oiliness. It also adds hydration and shine!


Rose Water


How To Incorporate Rose Water In Your Daily Routine

  1. Add to any hair or skincare product. Combine rose water with your toners, cleansers or conditioners. Apply it to clean skin or hair and continue your routine like normal for hydrating skin. It can also be a makeup remover when you add it with coconut oil.
  2. Create an on-the-go facial mist. Just fill up a spray bottle and spritz on your face whenever you need to wake up your skin throughout the day.
  3. Include it in your meals. Whether you’re adding it to a cup of tea or cooking a lamb stew, rose water can be a staple in your food.
  4. Make anything and everything smell like roses. Whether you’re spritzing on linens or on yourself, the calming floral scent will keep your space smelling fresh.
  5. Use it as a beauty mask ingredient alongside flour and orange juice in equal amounts. This will form a paste and you can apply for 15 minutes before you wash it off.
  6. 2 Tablespoons of rose water along with an equal amount of almond oil can be mixed and applied to your body skin for 20 minutes before you take a bath, it will deliver super soft skin.