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Dazzling Holiday Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

Ok, so we have agreed on going festive and dress up regardless of the world’s current situation… And in addition to makeup, hairstyles are a crucial part of dressing up. A hairdo can actually make or break your whole look. Yea, we tend to go to salons for evening hairstyles, but with the current pandemic situation and all the busy schedules, learning some at-home evening hairdos is the best thing you can do… It’ll save you so much time, effort, money, and now… risk. The best thing about this COVID-19 is that it has taught us to do a lot of things on our own. So here are some inspirations for great at-home hairstyles that will take your holiday looks to the next level. Happy holidays 🙂


1 || Pearls Glam


If you are in doubt then go pearls. Whether you choose pearl dust, pearl headband, or pearl accents you really can’t go wrong with these Disney princesses’ inspired looks. Put your hair down or up and adorn it with a beautiful pearl headband of your choice, or throw your hair into any style and add a sprinkle of pearls dusted throughout the hair for a magical look that is timelessly synched with the holiday spirit. You can even add simple pearled pins to your natural hair and you will still look classy.


2 || It’s Pony Cuffs Time


Yea you heard it right. Why not adding some jeweled cuffs to your pony for an instant holiday-ready look? tie your hair in a pony then style it with one or two cuffs of your choice. Or just put your hair in a high bun and add a beautiful cuff for a hibbie inspired look.


3 || Side Curls


Curls are perfect for a holiday evening. They give you the feel of a cool free spirit gal. Also, they are unique; you can easily make them your own by playing with the size of the curls. Style them with a curler, but if you don’t have one don’t worry, you don’t need it. You can simply do it by coating your wet hair in a styling lotion and let it dry overnight in two or three braids. style it on the side with a crystal clip or without for a glamorous holiday look.


4 || Braids Bun


An easy super hairstyle for Christmas night. All you have to do is styling your hair in braids that start from the very beginning of your hairline then put it all in a beautiful bun.


5 || The Classic French Twist


Super minimal and chic evening hairstyle. Nothing can beat the elegant French hairstyle that will go perfectly well with your elegant dress for a classy evening night. The good news is you can easily do it at home! You will find a lot of how-to videos on youtube.


6 || Glitz It Up


Looking for something super original? Look no further. Part your hair behind one ear and begin to gently tease your hair forward, following the curvature of your head and pinning as you go. Let the ends nest on top near the crown. Hide your pins with something a little extra glitzy when you’re through. Or just adorn one side of your hair with super glitzy pins for a look that shouts holiday.