9 Makeup Tips Younger Looking Women Swear By


Makeup is a tool, many ladies happen to misuse it wisely.. How many times did you notice a young woman who suddenly transforms into an older version of herself by applying makeup the wrong way, on the other hand, others can totally turn the clock backwards with simple application tips that’ll actually make them look more youthful.  After all, our constant efforts and money spent in order to maintain great skin should not be sabotaged by the way we apply our makeup.. Luckily, with just a few tweaks here and there, your makeup can actually give you a much younger and more supple face..

Here’s what the beauty industry’s leading makeup experts recommend to help take years off your face…


1 || For Fuller Lips

Add a lip primer to your makeup bag. Apply it first and allow to dry before you over-line your lips to create a contour that delivers a fuller looking pout.. Top the liner with a lip gloss for hydration and a little glimmer.. Dark lipsticks can be trendy, but if your aim is to look younger, opt for a neutral or light pink lip.


2 || Full Brows

Bolder, defined brows give the illusion of a younger face, so definitely invest in a product to help fill in any gaps along your brow. Look for a formula that’s a cross between a pencil and powder, so you get the soft and natural texture of a powder with the precision of a pencil.


3 || Blush Tones

Look for creamy blushes with radiant finishes, those will brighten any skin tone and give cheekbones a little lift. Don’t smile and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, simply apply it on your resting face and bring closer to the eyes.. An instant younger looking you will be the result!


4 || Highlighter & Illuminator Application

Youthful skin has a natural luminosity. A creamy stick highlighter with a powder illuminator is a duo that will  add dew and glisten to the skin. Apply to the high points of the cheeks after foundation. Then, add a powder illuminator on top of the cream to attract light to the cheek bones, under brow, bridge of nose and inner corner of eye.


5 || Eyeliner Switch

It’s time to toss out your black eyeliner as it’s a little intense and will  make you appear older. Instead, opt for a brown liner, it will give you all the intensity, but in a more sophisticated, subtle way. A thin line will do just fine. A soft shadowed liner on your lower lash line will minus years from the way you look. Use a small tight brush to apply liner along the bottom lashes to create the illusion of a shadow.




6 || Foundation Textures

A tinted moisturizer instead a full-coverage foundation will diminish your wrinkles, anything with a heavy or matte formula will sit on top of the skin and accentuate your fine lines.. If you want more coverage, go for a foundation that has a dewy finish, as matte formulas settle into fine lines more easily which can make you look older. Remember to always moisturize before your foundation, to prevent your skin from sucking up the moisture in that foundation, magnifying wrinkles and dry patches.


7 || Above 50?

Gold toned foundations offered by a few makeup brands must become your go-to for a base that will neutralize redness, counteract the gray pallor, and make you look healthier and younger. Ditch your powder too, unless you have oily skin, powders will settle into your wrinkles, cling to facial down, and make you look older.


8 || Look For Eye-Openers

Using an eyelash curler is instrumental to appearing younger. There are tons of different ways to curl your lashes, whether you invest in a heated curler or try the good old spoon trick, sweep on some volume-enhancing mascara for the ultimate finishing touch.


9 || Brighten Your Inner Eye Corners

Concealing the darkness at the inner corners of your eyes – even if you wear no other makeup- makes the biggest difference. It sounds so simple, but it will instantly brighten your entire face and make you look refreshed and well-rested. As for the dark circles below your eyes, drawing an upside-down triangle shape instead of a half-moon will help pushing your cheeks forward.