Here’s Why Sitting Around In A Wet Swimsuit Is A Bad Idea

Wet Swimsuit

A typical scenario, you dip yourself in the pool and then sit by the pool all day in a wet bikini… The problem with this is your wet bikini crotch. Not only is the gusset to your swimming suit nylon as opposed to cotton it is wet and will remain wet long after your costume has dried. The crotch area we are assuming doesn’t get as much sunlight 😉

Your hoo-ha is a very sensitive area of folds which means that bacteria can fester if given the opportunity. A damp, cool place is the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive, which is why we are always encouraged to wear a cotton-gusset panty and air our privates every once in a while.

So what can this damn environment bring with it? Firstly, a UTI. Urinary tract infections are very painful. Just because they are common it doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Left untreated, the infection can become more serious and sneak right along your ureter and straight to the kidneys.

Secondly, dampness can cause a vaginal yeast infection. The dark, moist and cool environment can alter the vaginal pH and lead to infection. Symptoms are pain upon urination, itching and an abnormal vaginal discharge.

Lastly, dampness can lead to bacterial vaginosis which occurs when your vaginal pH is altered. This in turn can upset the balance of bacteria in the vagina, causing an abnormal vaginal discharge.

The good news is that the fashion world has a solution to the wet bikini issue. This season has seen an exciting variety of bikini tops matched to long floaty skirts or even shorts. This look not only helps in the hoo-ha department but also ups your style game without sacrificing the swimsuit.


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