Behind The Beauty CIIN || Episode 4 Detailed || Part 1

Behind The Beauty CIIN


Welcome to ‘The Beauty CIIN’ .. Due to the massive requests we’ve been receiving here at CIIN asking for product details and tips after the latest episode titled ‘Seen-Loved-Shared’, I decided to share with my viewers a more detailed description of the products featured and information on how to use them..


Part #1 || What Is The Secret Behind The Perfect Long-Lasting Summer Tan?

To begin with, when asked about the ‘best’ product, ‘the’ best ‘technique’, the ‘best’ anything, we really don’t know how to provide answers, we’re surrounded by an abundance of magnificent products out there, and to us, consistency and variation are top priorities.. So, in terms of getting a healthy, long-lasting and glowing tan in the summer, we need to understand it’s an overall package of products and consistent practices and combination that we should adopt in order to maximize desired results.


Behind The Beauty CIIN


#1 The Bain De Soleil Orange Gelèe®Sunscreen

This tanning gel is heaven in a tube! It is our most favored tanning formula packed with luxurious emollients that are known to lavish the skin and leave it aglow.. We love its orange tint that delivers a fresh glowing tan and the cherry on top is its fragrance, it does not let you burn, it allows you to tan, but it is important to keep in mind it only provides an SPF of 4, which means you need to protect your skin with an added sunblock if you tend to burn.. It’s added benefit of providing moisture to your skin as it tans makes it a perfect sun tanning product as it will not dry out your skin as other tanning oils tend to do..


Behind The Beauty CIIN


#2 The Blend Bel Argan Body Oil

After sun exposure, using Bel Argan’s heavenly dry body oil will deeply moisturize dry and flaky skin. It’s dry formula allows for maximum absorption and leaves you with smooth skin without the mess and stickiness other oils leave you with, you can apply it, wear your favorite denim pants and you’re good to go! It is also a great relief after sunburns, rich in powerful anti-oxidants, fatty acids & carotenoids. Results are instant..!


The Blend Bel Argan Body Oil


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#3 The St. Tropez Gradual Tan Duo

In between sun exposure sessions, St. Tropez is one amazing brand we steer towards in order to maintain a long-lasting ‘bronzage’ that is free from blotching or dryness..

The ‘Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion’ is known to be the 3-minute glow giver, what I love about it is the fact that you are supposed to use it during your shower, this allows for an easier and a more even application, leave on your body for 3 minutes then rinse. Pat dry your body and start witnessing the beautiful natural looking tan gradually building up after..

The ‘Gradual Tan Classic Body Lotion’ is another product we at CIIN are in love with, you can apply it after the above in-shower lotion for a quicker natural, sun-kissed glow, that gradually builds into a tan, or you can apply twice a week to maintain your normal tan!


St. Tropez Gradual Tan Duo


#4 The Master Antioxidant || L-Glutathione supplement

Antioxidants are another concern when it comes to summertime and increased sun exposure.. Did you know that while exposing your skin to extreme environmental hazards, such as the sun and pollution, you are putting your body cells under the risk of free radicals. That’s why we should consider taking an antioxidant supplement to protect our bodies from the damage that happens. L-glutathione is known to be the master antioxidant.. The detoxifying qualities it provides beat any other antioxidant, but when it comes to our skin, it surely locks in moisture and help you maintain glowing skin.. It is also known as a whitening antioxidant, prevents pigmentation, and purifies your overall skin quality.. One pill a day, for life, do yourself a favor.. Please!


L-Glutathione supplement