7 Tips On How To Manage Quarantined Skin || A Must Read

Manage Quarantined Skin

Times have changed, and when a major switch in our lives takes place, rest assured different outcomes will start to emerge.. In the past month, most of our daily routines have shifted dramatically, staying home and spending a lot more time indoors than usual, has its effects, both physically and mentally. New habits formed, to be more specific, and focusing on the physical aspect of it all, skin has definitely altered its behavior.. Here’s how…


How Staying Home Positively Affected Your Skin

1 || No More Makeup..

The daily application of primers, foundations, powders or any product you used as a coverage for your face were no good for your pores. During lockdown, it is a chance for us to give our skin a break, our pores need the time to unclog and breathe.


2 || No More Direct Sunlight

Staying in, means we are protected up to a certain degree from direct sunlight exposure, which means the world to your skin. However, applying an SPF-infused daily moisturizer is still recommended, remember, blue light from electronics, indoor lighting are factors that affect your skin. So keep doing so..


3 || Spending More Time On Your Skin

Now is the perfect time we have always dreamed about.. Free most of the day, skincare earns a chance to indulge in.. Start using your masks, scrubs and multi-step routines right away, up the ante a notch and you’ll find yourself experimenting with the endless DIY’s available online and give your skin a little more love and attention.


4 || Getting a Free Virtual Consultation

Many skincare companies and dermatologists are offering free virtual one on one consultations, the perfect time to customize your skincare routine and figure out what works best for you.


Manage Quarantined Skin


How Staying Home Might Negatively Affect Your Skin

1 || You’re Breaking Out More

Being quarantined can cause serious stress issues. Some may feel claustrophobic, others are worrying about the worldly pandemic, most  are concerned about the future of their jobs and businesses, no one said it’s going to be easy, all this causes levels of cortisol to skyrocket, meaning more skin breakouts besides other things. Cortisol triggers our sebaceous glands to produce more oil, an increase in acne is the result. Another factor that causes breakouts is the change in diet, not necessarily eating more fatty foods causes acne, it’s the switch in diet and lifestyle that acts as a catalyst for increased breakouts.


2 || You’re Not Being Diligent About Your Routine

Most of the time, we find ourselves missing out on the daily skincare routine simply because our current lives lack routine! Slipping or feeling lazy regarding your skin is okay, however, this can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and breakouts. If you’re not being as diligent about using active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, or exfoliating acids, you may see old skin concerns start to creep back (think fine lines, pigmentation, and surface dryness).


3 || The constant use of drying hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are primarily made of alcohol, which is a very drying agent. The continuous use of such products calls for continuously rehydrating your hands via hand creams. Surprisingly, you might notice that you’re getting a bumpy texture predominantly on the sides of your face, upon touching your face, your hand cream could be clogging your pores. The use of thick hand creams to compensate for moisture loss, getting your hands on your face, will eventually clog pores! This is especially problematic if you’re not being diligent about washing your face in the morning.


4 || You’re Picking at Your Skin

Yes, free time causes spending extra more time on the mirror picking on your face.. Whether you’re doing it out of stress, boredom, or a combination of the two, picking can do real damage to your skin. Short-term, it can spread bacteria and cause inflammation, leading to more breakouts. Long-term, skin picking can cause serious pigmentation and even scarring (mostly pitted scars, also known as “ice pick” scars).


5 || Experimenting with products is actually messing with your skin

Experimenting with forgotten skincare samples or half-used bottles of product is a natural result of free time and boredom. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, but be very cautious, introducing too much too fast can be really hard on your skin. What’s worse, if you start introducing multiple products at once, you can’t know which one (or which ones) are causing any breakouts or bad reactions that may occur.


Manage Quarantined Skin


Tips On Avoiding Skin Mishaps During Quarantine

  1. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.
  2. Try to cut down on dairy, after all it is the only proven food that causes acne specifically cystic acne on the chin and jawline.
  3. Destress. Whether it’s by regularly exercising, meditating, cleaning, dancing you name it.
  4. Wash your face before going to bed to remove oil and dirt. Products with active ingredients also work best when used consistently, so staying on top of a regular routine is important for optimum skin health.
  5. Do your routine early in the evening when you have more energy. The skin goes into repair mode as soon as the sun starts to go down, so why not perform your nighttime routine when you have more motivation? This way, you won’t have to force yourself to do it later.
  6. Another reminder of using sunblock, please.. Unless you live in a house with absolutely no windows, you need to be wearing SPF. If nothing else, make a point to wash your face and apply sunscreen before starting your day.
  7. For dry hands, slathering on a thick ointment at night then slipping on a pair of cotton gloves, to avoid contact with the face is highly recommended..